Concrete in Garden Making

CONCRETE in garden-making

Published in 1960 by the Cement and Concrete Association (I knew there was a gardening book for me somewhere) a 50 page booklet with card covers. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


I have to admit, my “Gardening” activities involve a cement mixer and sacks of gravel, but I am lead to believe that a few people might enjoy digging and poking about. I see little evidence of any of them wanting to read about it though. Despite the astronomical amounts of money asked for “Gardening Books” at Garden Centres and despite having at times 6 foot of gardening books at ridiculously low prices, I can never remember selling one.

This particular book I considered breaking because of the fantastic coloured illustrations, but I checked ABE and was amazed to see only two on offer one at £15 plus Postage and the other £45. Yes I realise these are asking price and no indication of what people are willing to pay, but nevertheless I held off the vandalism and decided to offer my copy for sale.

The Blue Book of Gardening – Catalogue 1933 – Counter Copy – Carters Tested Seeds

10X6. 402 page hard back. With numerous high quality illustrations in B&W and colour. You could own this copy, posted to any UK address for only £10


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