Humorous Tales – Rudyard Kipling

Pan 1949 1st fine Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


THE MOWGLI STORIES – Rudyard Kipling

Pan 1949 2nd vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

The MacMillan edition paperback of 1964 in near fine condition Through the Post To UK address


The Second Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

1962 Macmillan edition paperback near fine Posted to a UK address


All the Mowgli Stories – Rudyard Kipling

1961 MacMillan paperback in near fine condition Through the Post to any UK address


Stock. I haven’t done a recent stock check on the lists below, so please contact me if you are interested in any of the titles. I also have many Kipling hard backs including a Folio edition of the Jungle Book.

Kipling RudyardAll the Mowgli StoriesMacmillan£2.50vg1961
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesBAG 22£2.50
Kipling RudyardMany InventionsSML£3.00f1964
Kipling RudyardSecond Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1962
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1964
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPan£5.00vg+1947
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg
Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPan£4.00f
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPan£4.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPan£4.00vg+1967

Stock. This list is not exhaustive, and I can’t say I have stock checked them recently, but these are some of the children’s publications I think I know where I have put.

Avery GillianThe Warden’s NiecePuffin£3.00f1963
Barne KittyElizabeth FryPuffin£2.00vg1950
Blighton EnidThe Ring O’Bells MysteryArmada£2.50vg+1967
Blyton EnidFun for the Secret SevenKnight£1.00vg
Blyton EnidMischief at St Rollo’sArmada£2.50vg+1986
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous FourArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Adventurous Four AgainArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Castle of adventureArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Island of AdventureArmada£2.50vg
Blyton EnidThe Mystery of the Strange BundleBag 32£2.50
Blyton EnidThe Naughtiest Girl is a MonitorArmada£1.00vg-1978
Blyton EnidThe Ragamuffin MysteryArmada£2.50vg1974
Blyton EnidThe Rat-a-Tat MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Riloby Fair MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmada£2.50vg1974
Blyton EnidThe Rockingdown MysteryArmada£2.50vg1986
Blyton EnidThe Rubadub MysteryArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Sea of AdventureArmada£2.50vg+1969
Blyton EnidThe Secret of Moon CastleArmada£2.50f1974
Blyton EnidThe Ship of AdventureArmada£2.50f1974
Bond MichaelA Bear Called PaddingtonArmada Lion£1.00vg
Bond MichaelPaddington AbroadArmada Lion£1.00vg
Bond MichaelPaddington Marches onArmada Lion£1.00vg
Brooks E SearlesThe Stigma of ShameNelson Lee£3.00vg-1924
Campbell BruceBird Watching for BeginnersPuffin£1.00vg-
Carroll LewisThrough the Looking GlassPuffin£3.50vg1948
Cordell AlexanderWitches’ SabbathKnight£2.50vg+1973
Crisp FrankThe Devil DiverScottie£5.00vg
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamArmada£2.50vg+1974
Crompton RichmalWilliamMerlin£2.50vg+1967
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Masked RangerArmada£3.00vg+
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Pop SingersArmada£2.00vg+1975
Crompton RichmalWilliam the ForthMacmillan£2.50vg1983
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GangsterMerlin£2.50vg+
Crompton RichmalWilliam the OutlawArmada£2.00vg+
Dare DaphneWhen Schoolfriends Fall OutPopular Schoolgirls Stories£2.00vg
Dixon Franklin WArctic Patrol MysteryArmada£2.50f1977
Dixon Franklin WCave-inArmada£0.00vg1985
Dixon Franklin WDanger on Vampire TrailArmada£0.00vg+1987
Dixon Franklin WFootprints Under the WindowArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WGame Plan for DisasterArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WHaunted FortArmanda£2.50vg
Dixon Franklin WHunting for Hidden GoldArmada£2.50
Dixon Franklin WRevenge of the Desert PhantomArmada£0.00vg1987
Dixon Franklin WSign of Crooked ArrowArmada£2.50f1977
Dixon Franklin WSky SabotageArmada£0.00vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Billion Dollar RansomArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Blackwing PuzzleArmada£0.00vg+1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Broken BladeArmada£0.00vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the EmbersArmada£2.50vg+1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Clue of the Screeching OwlArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Crisscross ShadowArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Demon’s DenArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Four-Headed DragonArmada£0.00vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Ghost of Skeleton RockArmada£0.00vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Great Airport MysteryArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Hooded Hawk Mystery #29Armada£2.50f
Dixon Franklin WThe Infinity ClueArmada£0.00vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Mark on the DoorArmada£4.00vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Mummy CaseArmada£0.00vg1982
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery at Devil’s PawArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Cabin IslandArmada£4.00vg+1978
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of Smugglers CoveArmada£0.00vg1982
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Aztec WarriorArmada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Chinese Junk #34Armada£0.00
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Disappearing FloorArmada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Melted CoinsArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Missing FriendsArmada£0.00vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Spiral BridgeArmada£2.50vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Mystery of the Whale TattooArmada£2.50vg1986
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret Agent on Flight 101Armada£2.50vg+1985
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of Pirates HillArmada£2.50f1987
Dixon Franklin WThe Secret of the CavesArmada£4.00vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WThe Sinister SignpostArmada£2.50vg1979
Dixon Franklin WThe Twisted ClawArmada£2.50vg1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Voodoo PlotArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WThe Wailing Siren MysteryArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dixon Franklin WThe Yellow Feather MysteryArmada£2.50vg1983
Dixon Franklin WWhat Happened at MidnightArmada£2.50vg+1977
Dixon Franklin WWhile the Clock TickedArmada£2.50vg+1981
Dixon Franklin W KeeneNancy Drew & Hardy Boys – Super SleuthsArmada£2.50vg+1983
Dixon M&NThe Puffin Quizz BookPuffin£2.50vg
Gregory Sir RichardDiscoveryPuffin£3.00vg
Henty G AA March on LondonHB£15.00
Henty G ABonnie Prince CharlieHB£15.00
Henty G ABy England’s AidHB£15.00
Henty G AFor Name and FameHB£15.00
Henty G AIn the Reighn of TerrorHB£15.00
Henty G AOne of the 28thHB£15.00
Henty G ASt Bartholomew’s EveHB£15.00
Henty G AThe Tiger of MysoreHB£15.00
Henty G AWhen London BurnedHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Lee in VirginiaHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Moore at CorunnaHB£15.00
Henty G AWith Wolfe in CanadaHB£15.00
Henty G AWulf the SaxonHB£15.00
Hitchcock AlfredThe Mystery of the Stuttering ParrotArmada£2.50vg1974
Johns W EBiggles Air CommadoreArmada£5.00
Johns W EBiggles and the Plot that FailedKnight£2.50vg
Johns W EBiggles The Rescue FlightArmada£2.50vg1962
Juster NormanThe Phantom TollboothPuffin£1.50vg1965
Kastner ErichLottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap)Puffin£2.50vg1962
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 1 Secret Shadow RanchArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 2 The Mystery ..99 stepsArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 3 Mystery at the Ski jumpArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 4 Spider Sapphire MysteryArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 5 tcit Crossword CipherArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 6 Quest Missing LampArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 7 tcit Old StagecoachArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 8 tcot Brocken LocketArmada£2.00vg1980
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 9 Message…Hollow OakArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 10 The Inviible IntruderArmada£2.00vg1980
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 11 Ghost of Blackwood HallArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 13 The Bungalow MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 14 The Whispering StatueArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 16 tcot dancing PuppetArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 17 tcot tapping HeelsArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 18 tcit Crumbling WallArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 19 mystery Tolling BellArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 22 Scarlet Slipper MysteryArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 24 Secret…Old AtticArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 25 The Ringmasters SecretArmada£2.00vg1982
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 26 Nancy’s Mysterious LetterArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 28 Mystery Fire DragonArmada£2.00vg1983
Keene CarolynNancy Drew 36 Moonstone castle MysteryArmada£2.00vg1985
Kipling RudyardAll the Mowgli StoriesMacmillan£2.50vg1961
Kipling RudyardSecond Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1962
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookMacmillan£2.50vg+1964
Kipling RudyardThe Jungle BookPan£4.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg
Kipling RudyardThe Second Jungle BookPan£4.00vg+1967
Leitch PatriciaRunning WildArmada£2.00vg+
Parker RichardThe Three PebblesScottie£2.50vg1956
Pudney JohnTuesday AdventureScottie£7.50
Richards FrankBilly Bunte and the Crooked CaptainMerlin£2.50vg +
Richards FrankBilly Bunter – SportsmanMerlin£5.00
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the School RebellionMerlin£5.00
Richards FrankBilly Bunter and the Secret EnemyMerlin£2.00vg+1967
Richards FrankBilly Bunters ConvictMerlin£2.50vg +
Richards FrankBilly Bunter’s Postal OrderArmada£2.50vg+1951
Richards HildaBessie Bunter and the Gold RobbersMerlin£2.50vg+
Richards HildaBessie Bunter Joins the CircusMerlin£2.50vg+
Saville MalcolmChristmas at NettlefordArmada£2.50vg-1970
Saville MalcolmSea Witch Comes HomeMerlin£2.00vg
Saville MalcolmTwo Fair PlaitsArmada£2.50vg1966
Skipper MervynThe Meeting PoolPuffin£5.00
Sperry ArmstrongThe Boy Who Was AfraidKnight£1.00vg
Stevenson Robert LouisKidnappedPuffin£2.50
Thackery WMThe Rose and the RingPuffin£2.50vg
Twain MarkHuckleberry FinnFontana£2.50vg1960
Twain MarkThe Adventures of Huckelberry FinnPuffin£3.50vg
Vivian E. ChambersThe Adventures of Robin HoodAirmont£2.00vg
Walters LeonardThe Rebel of St.Hal’sArrow£2.00vg
Watson JamesTalking in WhispersFontana£2.50vg+1985
Wilder Laura IngallsLittle House in the WoodsPuffin£2.50vg
Williamson ThamesNorth after SealsPuffin£2.50vg

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