I had six issues of Union Jack that had a big hole in the front. But with the thanks to Mark Hodder for his superb bibliography I was able to fill the gaps, I don’t know what the previous owner got for the coupons he cut out. In all issues the “story is complete. Below is what they looked like originally.

Six Issues of Union Jack

899 * 904 * 905 * 1110 8 1114 8 1117 All six through the post to UK address





Hayter CecilThe Treasure of Kao HangUnion Jackg+1921933
Edgar AlfredThe Money FloodUnion Jackvg-1921934
Heyter CecilLobangu’s Ju-JuUnion Jackvg-1921936
Teed J HThe White RajahUnion Jackvg1922986
Bobin John WA Rogue on ChangeUnion Jackvg1922989
Teed J HThousands ChanceUnion Jackvg19221000
Graydon William MurrayThe Case of the Blind BeggerUnion Jackvg19221003
Packard Frank LThe Wire DevilsUnion Jackvg19231033
Teed J HThe Affair of the Laquered WalnotUnion Jackvg19231035
SOLDUnion Jack
Murray AndrewThe Gargoyle’s SecretUnion Jackvg19231039
Shaw S GBail UpUnion Jackvg19231040
Teed J HThe Hawk of the PeakUnion Jackvg19231041
Brooks Edwy SearlThe Flaming Spectre of CloomeUnion Jackvg19231054
Lewis JackThe Case of the Sexton Blake BustUnion Jackvg19261169
Gibbons H H CliffordThe Return of Professor KewUnion Jackvg19261181
Shaw S GThe Riddle of the Huddersfield Face-BuilderUnion Jackvg19261183
Armour R CThe House of a Thousand TeethUnion Jackvg19261184

UNION JACK from list above per copy

Specify the issue Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



All the titles listed above please specify

Sexton Blake Library – nearly all are vg – so please ask if you want more details. The price per issue includes P&P to any UK address. If you live further afield please contact me for price.


These titles are all from 1929 and though complete have dodgy staples and have been read. I can’t find any of these titles for sale so have priced them at £10 each Postage included.

I don’t know what is worse the “House names” in later editions or the practice in these of listing no authors, though they do list other books written by the author they don’t name.


Thomas MartinA Cold Night for MurderSexton Blakevg1959441£5.00Eric Parker
Ballinger W AA Corpse for ChristmasSexton Blakevg-1962514£5.00
Saxon PeterA Cry in the NightSexton Blakevg1959421£5.00
Reid DesmondAnger at World’s EndSexton Blakef1963515£5.00
Baker W HowardAppointment With DangerSexton Blakevg1958420£5.00Symeoni
Story Jack TrevorAssault and PepperSexton Blakevg1961472£5.00Henry Fox
Stagg JamesAssignment in BeirutSexton Blakevg19561st367£5.00
Maclean ArthurBargain in BloodSexton Blakevg1962494£5.00Camps
Baker W HowardBattle SongSexton Blakevg+1956371£5.00
Thomas MartinBred to KillSexton Blakevg1960448£5.00Symeoni
Maclean ArthurBroken ToySexton Blakevg19561st362£5.00
Reid DesmondBullets are TrumpsSexton Blakevg1961488£5.00Barany
Chambers PhilipBullets to BaghdadSexton Blakevg1960450£5.00Jacoby
Hardinge RexBy Whose Hand ?Sexton Blakevg1956356£5.00
Clevely HughCalling Whitehall 1212Sexton Blakevg1952275£5.00Eric Parker
Thomas MartinCatch a TigerSexton Blakevg1959433£5.00
Reid DesmondConflict WithinSexton Blakevg+1960449£5.00Caroselli
Hardinge RexConsider Your VerdictSexton Blakevg1959422£5.00
Reid DesmondContract for a KillerSexton Blakevg1960463£5.00Blofeld
Burke JonathanCorpse to CopenhagenSexton Blakevg19571st385£5.00
Sydney GeorgeCount Down For MurderSexton Blakevg1962493£5.00Longaron
Story Jack TrevorCourier for CrimeSexton Blakevg1959432£5.00Fratini
Baker W HowardCrime is my BusinessSexton Blakevg1958408£5.00Stone
Stagg JamesCrime of ViolenceSexton Blakevg19581st403£5.00Carcupino
Reid DesmondCult of DarknessSexton Blakevg1963519£5.00Noiquet
Story Jack TrevorDanger on the Flip SideSexton Blakevg1960465£5.00de Seta
Story Jack TrevorDanger’s ChildSexton Blakevg1961487£5.00Camps
Baker W HowardDark MamboSexton Blakevg1956361£5.00
Thomas MartinDead Man’s DestinySexton Blake446£5.00
Thomas MartinDead Man’s DestinySexton Blakevg1960466£5.00Norberg
Reid DesmondDead on CueSexton Blakevg1962495£5.00Barany
Reid DesmondDead RespectableSexton Blakevg19645th34£3.50
Maclean ArthurDeadline for DangerSexton Blakevg1957380£5.00
Hanson V JDeath and Little Girl BlueSexton Blakevg1962509£5.00
Jardine WarwickDeath Her DestinationSexton Blakevg1961483£5.00Barani
Reid DesmondDeath in DocklandSexton Blakevg1962497£5.00Chapman
Thomas MartinDeath in Small DosesSexton Blakevg1963516£5.00
Reid DesmondDeath on a High NoteSexton Blakevg1962492£5.00Barany
Stagg JamesDesert IntrigueSexton Blakevg1960444£5.00Caroselli
Thomas MartinDesign for VengeanceSexton Blakevg1960454£5.00Caroselli
Hunter JohnDestination UnknownSexton Blakevg1953294£5.00Eric Parker
Baker W HowardDevil’s Can-CanSexton Blakevg1956355£10.00
Harrison EdwinDiamonds can be TroubleSexton Blakevg1958414£5.00
Hyde D HerbertDressed to KillSexton Blakevg1959424£5.00
Ballinger Wm. AEpitaph to TreasonSexton Blakevg1960443£5.00Caroselli
Baker W HowardEspresso JungleSexton Blakevg1959435£5.00Stone
Thomas MartinFear is my ShadowSexton Blakevg1959440£5.00Olivetti
MacLean ArthurFinal CurtainSexton Blakevg1958411£5.00Stone
Saxon PeterFlight into FearSexton Blakevg1956360£5.00
Dolphin RexGuilty PartySexton Blakevg1959442£5.00Eric Parker
Drummond JohnHated by AllSexton Blakevg1951240£5.00Eric Parker
Williams RichardHurricane WarningSexton Blakevg1960456£5.00
Kent ArthurInclining to CrimeSexton Blakevg19561st364£10.00
Story Jack TrevorInvitation to MurderSexton Blakevg1959429£5.00Gasbarri
Fawcett F DubrezJourney to GenoaSexton Blakevg1960462£5.00de Seta
Chambers PhilipKeep it SecretSexton Blakevg1961489£5.00Barany
McNeilly WilfredKiller PackSexton Blakevg1962507£5.00
Harrison EdwinKiller’s PlaygroundSexton Blakevg1959439£5.00Simbari
Thomas MartinLady in DistressSexton Blakevg19581st404£5.00
Thomas MartinLaird of EvilSexton Blakevg19655th3£2.50anon
Williams RichardLarge Type KillerSexton Blakevg1960458£5.00Norberg
Chambers PhillipLotus Leaves and LarcenySexton Blakevg1963521£5.00Barany
Kirby ArthurMan on the RunSexton Blakevg1960453£5.00Gold
Maclean ArthurMask of FurySexton Blakevg+1957376£5.00
Maclean ArthurMission to MexicoSexton Blakevg1960445£5.00Caroselli
Chambers PhilipMoscow ManhuntSexton Blakevg1962508£5.00
Reid DesmondMurder by MoonlightSexton Blakevg1961482£5.00Barani
Williams RichardMurder by ProxySexton Blakevg1963523£5.00iranzo
Reid DesmondMurder Comes CallingSexton Blakevg1960455£5.00Caroselli
Stagg JamesMurder Down BelowSexton Blakevg19581st397£5.00Morgan
Ballinger WAMurder in CameraSexton Blakevg1963522£5.00
Story Jack TrevorMurder in the SunSexton Blakevg1958412£5.00Stone
Reid DesmondMurder Made EasySexton Blakevg1960446£5.00Caroselli
Arthur WilliamMurder with VarietySexton Blakevg1957387£5.00
Reid DesmondMurderer’s RockSexton Blakevg1961478£5.00de Seta
Stagg JamesNightmare in NaplesSexton Blakevg+1957373£5.00
Baker W HowardNo Time to LiveSexton Blakevg1958413£5.00
King HilaryOn the 11.40 DownSexton Blakevg1951237£5.00Eric Parker
King HilaryPartners in CrimeSexton Blakevg1951232£5.00Eric Parker
Baker W HowardPassport into FearSexton Blakevg1959431£5.00Greenhaigh
Maclean ArthurPursuit to AlgeriaSexton Blakevg1961470£5.00Caroselli
Reid DesmondRoadhouse GirlSexton Blakevg+1957386£5.00
Hardinge RexSafari with FearSexton Blakevg1959430£5.00Fratini
Story Jack TrevorShe Ain’t Got no BodySexton Blakevg1958416£5.00de Seta
Chambers PhilipShot from the DarkSexton Blakevg1961469£5.00Camps
Reid DesmondShowdown in SydneySexton Blakevg1959434£5.00Fratini
Hunter JohnSilent WitnessSexton Blakevg19571st375£5.00
Maclean ArthurSlaying on the 16th FloorSexton Blakevg5th5£2.50Anon
Dolphin RexSome Died LaughingSexton Blakevg1960460£5.00Caroselli
Williams RichardSomebody Wants me DeadSexton Blakevg1962500£5.00cortiella
Reid DesmondSomething to Kill AboutSexton Blakevg1961471£5.00Camps
Williams RichardSpeak Ill of the DeadSexton Blakevg1963520£5.00Camps
Thomas MartinSpotlight on MurderSexton Blakevg1962499£5.00
Kent ArthurStairway to MurderSexton Blakevg19581st399£5.00
Reid DesmondState of FearSexton Blakevg1961474£5.00Norstrand
Dolphin RexStop Press – HomicideSexton Blakevg1959426£5.00Stone
Story Jack TrevorSuddenly It’s MurderSexton Blakevg1961473£5.00Miralles
Tyrer Waltertcot Council SwindleSexton Blakevg308£5.00
Clevely Hughtcot Legion DeserterSexton Blakevg1955349£5.00
Parsons Anthonytcot Nameless MillionaireSexton Blakevg1953300£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer Waltertcot Swindled GuarantorSexton Blakevg1954310£5.00Eric Parker
Clevely Hughtcot Three SurvivorsSexton Blakevg1954304£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer Waltertcot Two Crooked BaronetsSexton Blakevg1951236£5.00Eric Parker
McNeilly WilfredTerror LochSexton Blakevg1962491£5.00Barany
Reid DesmondThe AbductorsSexton Blakevg19681st5th43£2.50anon
Tyrer WalterThe Affair of the Hollywood ContractSexton Blakevg1949188£5.00Eric Parker
Baker W HowardThe Angry NightSexton Blakevg1960451£5.00Caroselli
Parsons AnthonyThe Bad Man From CairoSexton Blakevg1951251£5.00Eric Parker
Story Jack TrevorThe Big StealSexton Blakevg1960464£5.00Atkins
Passingham W JThe Case of the Ace AccomliceSexton Blakevg1953298£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Case of the Cottage CrimeSexton Blakevg+212£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Case of the Council SwindleSexton Blakevg1954318£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Case of the Japanese ContractSexton Blakevg1952271£5.00Eric Parker
Drummond JohnThe Case of the Man with No NameSexton Blakevg1951246£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Case of the Missing ScientistSexton Blakevg1952257£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Case of the Naval DefaulterSexton Blakevg1950219£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Case of the Naval Stores RacketSexton Blakevg1953287£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Case of the Returned SoldierSexton Blakevg1955336£5.00
Parsons AnthonyThe Case of the Second CrimeSexton Blakevg314£5.00Eric Parker
McNeilly WilfredThe Case of the Stag at BaySexton Blakevg5th14£2.50anon
Tyrer WalterThe Clue of the Pin-up GirlSexton Blake351£5.00
Reid DesmondThe Corpse Came TooSexton Blakevg1961486£5.00
Cleely HughThe Crime at 3 A.M.Sexton Blakevg1954317£5.00Eric Parker
Dolphin RexThe Devil to PaySexton Blakevg1961467£5.00Simeoni
Thomas MartinThe Evil EyeSexton Blakevg1958415£5.00Sandri
Tyrer WalterThe Evil SpellSexton Blakevg1950216£5.00Eric Parker
Harrison EdwinThe Fatal HourSexton Blakevg-406£2.50
Story Jack TrevorThe Frightened PeopleSexton Blakevg1958418£5.00
Clevely HughThe Girl From TorontoSexton Blakevg1953296£5.00
Reid DesmondThe Girl Who Saw too MuchSexton Blakevg1963524£5.00Camps
Clevely HughThe Heir of Tower HouseSexton Blakevg1954313£5.00Eric Parker
Drummond JohnThe House in the WoodsSexton Blakevg-1950228£5.00Eric Parker
MacLean ArthurThe House on the BaySexton Blakevg1958419£5.00de Seta
Drummond JohnThe House on the RiverSexton Blakevg1952266£5.00Eric Parker
Chambers & BakerThe ImposterSexton Blakevg1963517£5.00
Ballinger Wm.A.The Last TigerSexton Blakevg1963526£5.00Camps
Hardinge RexThe Legacy of HateSexton Blakevg1949199£5.00Eric Parker
King HilaryThe Man From DieppeSexton Blakevg1952268£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Man from Maybrick RoadSexton Blakeg+1954326£2.50Heade
Hardinge RexThe Man From SpaceSexton Blakevg1952265£5.00Eric Parker
Maclean ArthurThe Man Who Killed MeSexton Blakevg1962513£5.00
Jardine WarwickThe Man With a GrievanceSexton Blakevg1952261£5.00Eric Parker
Blakesley StephenThe Man With a NumberSexton Blakef1952278£25.00Eric Parker
Williams RichardThe Man With the Iron ChestSexton Blakevg5th7£2.50photo
Parsons AnthonyThe Mystery of Mason’s ArmsSexton Blakef1952277£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Mystery of the Crooked GiftSexton Blakevg1950221£5.00Eric Parker
Hardinge RexThe Mystery of the Forbidden TerritorySexton Blakevg214£5.00Eric Parker
Long DerekThe Mystery of the Italian RuinsSexton Blakevg1950224£5.00Eric Parker
King HilaryThe Mystery of the Lost LootSexton Blakevg1951250£5.00Eric Parker
Hardinge RexThe Mystery of the Outlawed BlackSexton Blakevg1955338£5.00
Drummond JohnThe Mystery of the Sabotaged JetSexton Blakevg1951254£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Mystery of the Swindlers StoogeSexton Blakevg1953299£5.00Eric Parker
Saxon PeterThe Naked BladeSexton Blakevg1958409£5.00Sandri
Clevely HughThe Night Club MysterySexton Blakevg1953284£5.00
Parsons AnthonyThe Prisoner in the HoldSexton Blakevg-1955333£5.00
Hardinge RexThe Prisoner of the ManorSexton Blakevg1952273£5.00Eric Parker
Baker W HowardThe Reluctant GunmanSexton Blakevg1962506£5.00
Blakesley StephenThe Riddle of the Blazing BungalowSexton Blakevg1951253£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Riddle of the French AlibiSexton Blakevg1954303£5.00Eric Parker
Tyrer WalterThe Scrap Metal MysterySexton Blakevg1952272£5.00Eric Parker
Hardinge RexThe Secret of the DesertSexton Blakevg1951252£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Secret of the Moroccan BazaarSexton Blakevg309£5.00
Parsons AnthonyThe Secret of the Moroccan BazaarSexton Blakevg1954319£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Secret of the Sinister FarmSexton Blakevg1954305£5.00
Drummond JohnThe Secret of the Sixty StepsSexton Blakevg213£5.00Eric Parker
Rees GeorgeThe Secret of the Suez CanalSexton Blakevg1954324£10.00Heade
Williams RichardThe Slaying of Julian SummersSexton Blakevg1963518£5.00Petronius
Thomas MartinThe Sound of MurderSexton Blakevg1963525£5.00Camps
Tyrer WalterThe Strange Affair of the Shot Gun SniperSexton Blakevg1955339£5.00
Ballinger W AThe Television MurdersSexton Blakevg1961479£5.00Symeoni
Hunter JohnThe Thieves of AlexandriaSexton Blakevg1953301£5.00Eric Parker
Hardinge RexThe Tragedy of WinyridgeSexton Blakevg1950227£5.00Eric Parker
Blakesley StephenThe Trail of Raider No.1Sexton Blakevg1952274£5.00Eric Parker
Parsons AnthonyThe Trail of the Missing ScientistSexton Blakevg1955341£5.00Eric Parker
Hardinge RexThe Victim of the Devil’s BowlSexton Blakevg-1954325£5.00Heade
Saxon PeterThe Violent HoursSexton Blakevg19571st393£5.00
Saxon PeterThe Violent OnesSexton Blakevg1959427£5.00Tompkins
Saxon PeterThe Voodoo DrumSexton Blakevg1958417£5.00de Seta
Hardinge RexThe Voyage of FearSexton Blakevg-1954308£5.00Eric Parker
Kent ArthurThe Weak and the StrongSexton Blakevg1962502£5.00Chapman
Ballinger WAThe witches of Notting HillSexton Blakevg19655th6£2.50Anon
Hunter JohnThe Woman on the SpotSexton Blakevg1953279£5.00Eric Parker
Reid DesmondThe Word-ShakersSexton Blakevg1960457£5.00Caroselli
Passingham W JThe World Chamoionship MysterySexton Blakevg1953288£5.00Eric Parker
Ballinger W AThis Man Must DieSexton Blakevg1960447£5.00Pratt
Stagg JamesTime for MurderSexton Blakevg1959428£5.00Wright
Williams RichardTorment was a RedheadSexton Blakevg1962498£5.00Chapman
Maclean ArthurTouch of EvilSexton Blakevg1959438£5.00Putzu
Dolphin RexTrouble is my NameSexton Blakevg1961484£5.00Henry Fox
Williams RichardVendettaSexton Blakevg1961481£5.00Henry Fox
Saxon PeterVengeance is OursSexton Blakevg5th10£2.50anon
Reid DesmondVictim UnknownSexton Blakevg1957384£5.00
Story Jack TrevorViolence in Quiet PlacesSexton Blakevg1960461£5.00Caroselli
Johns GilbertVote For ViolenceSexton Blakevg1961480£5.00
Kent ArthurWake up ScreamingSexton Blakevg1958410£5.00Olivetti
Baker W HowardWalk in FearSexton Blakevg19571st396£5.00
Dolphin RexWalk in the ShadowsSexton Blakevg1959437£5.00Fratini
McNeilly WilfredWanted for QuestioningSexton Blakevg5th8£2.50photo
Saxon PeterWhite MercenarySexton Blakevg1962505£5.00Henry Fox
Reid DesmondWitch-HuntSexton Blakevg1960452£5.00Caroselli
Harrison EdwinWitness to MurderSexton Blakevg1959423£5.00Favelli

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