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The Complete Angler – Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton

This is one of the Thomas Nelson “pocket books” (6″ X 4″) with a faux leather binding with gold lettering. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


The Lancashire Witches by Harrison Ainsworth

This is one of the Thomas Nelson “pocket books” (6″ X 4″) with a faux leather binding with gold lettering. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Harriot Beecher Stowe

This is one of the Thomas Nelson “pocket books” (6″ X 4″) with a faux leather binding with gold lettering. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde & Weir of Hermiston by R L Stevenson

This is one of the Thomas Nelson “pocket books” (6″ X 4″) with a faux leather binding with gold lettering. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh by Charles K True

Published in London by the Wesleyan Conference Office in 1881. Blue cloth, blind blocked with gilt illustration. 208 pages approx. 7″ X 4″ no inscriptions or stamps. A very nice tidy copy. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



A combination of stock check and new additions.

Dante AlighieriThe Vision or Hell Purgatory & ParadiseEveryman£2.50vg
SapperThe Black GangEveryman£2.50f1983
Kingsley CharlesWestward HoEveryman£2.50vg+1943
Prescott William HHistory of the Conquest of PeruEveryman£2.50vg1928
Dumas AlexandreThe Count of Monte Cristo vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+193510th
Hugo VictorThe Huchback of Notre Dame de ParisEveryman£2.50vg19245th
Franklin JohnJourney to the Polar Sea 1919-20-21-22Everyman£2.50vg
Burton Richard FFirst Footsteps in East AfricaEveryman£2.50vg
Dostoieffsky FedorCrime and PunishmentEveryman£2.50vg19112nd
Pater WalterMarius the EpicrianEveryman£2.50vg19341st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

OSCAR WILDE – A Woman of no Importance

Methuen 1926 vg+ 7″ X 4″ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


First Footsteps in East Africa by Richard Burton

I have never understood why he is not a national hero, his life was larger than usual. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Crime and Punishment by Fedor Dostoieffsky

Dent 1911 reprint vg+


Hardback “pocket” publications from the 20’s and 30’s particularly, predated paperbacks and varied greatly in quality. Typically about 7″ X 4″. Though many concentrated on Classics (but Oxford World Classics did stretch the definition to include friends of the editors wife, hence some of the stranger inclusions) others went for more popular fiction and some for film tie-ins. The Everyman series got a bit of notoriety when Liz Taylor bought her husband a full set for a birthday present, she got a very, very big diamond.

The Grandchildren of the Ghetto – Israel Zangwill

Wayfarers Library, published by Dent. This is a vg+ copy in a vg dust jacket no stamps but neat owners inscription on ffep. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Wanderer’s Necklace – H Rider Haggard

Published by Cassell and Company. Undated but dedication dated 1913. Blue cloth. vg no stamps but ffep missing. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


G K CHESTERTON – Generally Speaking

Methuen 1937 vg+ book and dj Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


H L GEE – Talking Out of Doors

Published by George Ronald Birmingham 1948 a vg+ book in vg unclipped dj. This is a different dj to other 1st editions I have seen advertised. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Addison Steele & OthersThe Spectator Vol FourEveryman£2.50vg+1951
Addison Steele & OthersThe Spectator Vol ThreeEveryman£2.50vg+1951
AeschylusThe Lyrical DramasEveryman£2.50vg19062nd
AinsworthOld Saint Paul’sEveryman£2.50vg1928
AinsworthThe Tower of LondonEveryman£2.50vg1931
AinsworthWindsor CastleEveryman£2.50vg1927
anonA Dictionary of DatesEveryman£2.50vg1928
AristophanesThe Frogs and three other playsEveryman£2.50vg19172nd
Aristotle / DemetriusPoetics / On StyleEveryman£2.50vg19341st
Arnold MatthewEssays Literary & CriticalEveryman£2.50vg+1950
ATLASLiterary & Historical EuropeEveryman£5.00vg+1936rep
Augustine SaintThe City of GodEveryman£2.50vg1947
Aurelius MarcusMeditationsEveryman£2.50vg+
Aurelius MarcusThe Golden BookEveryman£2.50vg1906
Austen JaneMansfield ParkEveryman£2.50vg1953rep
Austen JaneNorthanger Abbey/PersuasionEveryman£2.50vg1946
Austen JaneSense and SensibilityEveryman£2.50vg+1957
Austen JaneSense and SensibilityEveryman£2.50vg1946
Austin JanePride and PrejudiceEveryman£2.50vg+1934
Bacon FrancisEssaysEveryman£2.50vg+1939
Baghot Walterliterary Studies vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1951
Baghot Walterliterary Studies vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1920
BalzacOld GoriotEveryman£2.50vg1940
Barbusse HenriUnder Fire – The Story of a SquadEveryman£2.50vg1929
Barca Calderon De LaLife in MexicoEveryman£2.50vg+1st
BartholomewA Literary & Historical Atlas of AsiaEveryman£3.50vg+
BedeThe Ecclesiastical History of the English NEveryman£2.50vg
Bennett ArnoldThe Old Wives’ TaleEveryman£2.50vg+1948
Bjornson BjornstjerneThree ComodiesEveryman£2.50vg1925
Blackmore RDLorna DooneEveryman£2.50vg1921
Boccaccio GiovanniThe Decameron vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1946
Boccaccio GiovanniThe Decameron vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1946
Borrow GeorgeLavengro etcEveryman£2.50vg1930
Borrow GeorgeThe Zin Cali the Gypsies of SpainEveryman£2.50vg
BoswellLife of Johnson vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1938
BoswellLife of Johnson vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1936
Bright JohnSelected SpeechesEveryman£2.50vg1914
Bronte AnneThe Tenant of Wildfell HallEveryman£2.50vg
Bronte CharlotteJane EyreEveryman£2.50vg+1946
Bronte CharlotteShirleyEveryman£2.50vg1927
Bronte CharlotteShirleyEveryman£2.50vg1970
Bronte CharlotteThe ProfessorEveryman£2.50vg+1939rep
Bronte CharlotteVilletteEveryman£2.50leathervg+1916
Bronte EmilyWuthering HeightsEveryman£2.50vg+1942rep
Browne FrancesGranny’s Wonderful ChairEveryman£2.50vg+1940
Browne Sir ThomasThe Religiomedici & other writingsEveryman£2.50vg1931rep
Browne ThomasReligio Medici and other writingsEveryman£2.50vg+1952
BrowningPoems and Plays Vol 5Everyman£2.50vg+
Browning RobertThe Poems and Plays 1833-1844Everyman£2.50vg19115th
Browning RobertThe Ring and the BookEveryman£2.50vg19194th
BrwningPoems & Plays vol IIEveryman£2.50vg1928
BrwningPoems & Plays vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1956
Bunyan JohnGrace Abounding & Life and Death….Everyman£2.50vg+
Bunyan JohnThe Pilgrim’s ProgressEveryman£2.50vg+1937rep
Burke EdmundReflections on the Revolution in FranceEveryman£2.50vg+
Burnet BishopHistory of His Own TimesEveryman£2.50vg19103rd
Burney FannyEvelinaEveryman£2.50vg+
Burney FannyThe DiaryEveryman£2.50vg+1950
Burns RobertPoems and SongsEveryman£2.50vg+1970
Burns RobertThe Poems and SongsEveryman£2.50vg19093rd
Burrell Arthurpiers PlowmanEveryman£2.50vg1925
Burton RobertThe anatomy of MelancholyEveryman£2.50vg+1949
Burton RobertThe Anatomy of MelancholyEveryman£2.50vg+1949
Butler SamuelErewhon and Erewhon RevisitedEveryman£2.50vg+1951
Butler SamuelThe Way of All FleshEveryman£2.50vg+19331st
Canton WilliamA Child’s Book of SaintsEveryman£2.50vg+1952
CarlyleOliver Cromwell’s Letters & SpeechesEveryman£2.50vg+1929
Carlyle ThomasOliver Cromwell’s Letters & Speeches vol 3Everyman£2.50vg1934
Carlyle ThomasPast and PresentEveryman£2.50vg1928
Carlyle ThomasSartor Resartus etcEveryman£2.50vg1924
Carlyle ThomasScottish & Other MiscellaniesEveryman£2.50vg1932
Carlyle ThomasThe French Revolution vol 1Everyman£2.50vg
Carlyle ThomasThe French Revolution Vol 2Everyman£2.50vg
Carroll LewisAlice in Wonderland – Through the Looking GlassEveryman£2.50vg1946
ChaucerCanterbury TalesEveryman£2.50f1936
ChaucerTroilus and CriseydeEveryman£2.50vg+1969
Chesterfield LordLetters to his SonEveryman£2.50vg19291st
Chesterfield LordLetters to his son and OthersEveryman£2.50vg1969
Cobbett WilliamRural Rides vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1st
Cobbett WilliamRural Rides vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1948rep
Cobbett WilliamRural Rides vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1st
Cobbett WilliamRural Rides vol IIEveryman£2.50vg1948rep
Coleridge Samuel TaylorBiographia LiterariaEveryman£2.50vg1910
Collins WilkieThe MoonstoneEveryman£2.50vg+1947
ConradLord JimEveryman£2.50vg+19351st
Conrad JosephNostromoEveryman£2.50vg+
Conrad JosephThe Nigger etc.Everyman£2.50vg+
Conrad JosephThe Nigger, of the Narcissus & othersEveryman£2.50vg+1974
Cooper J FenimoreThe PathfinderEveryman£2.50vg+1926rep
Cousin John WA Short Biographical Dictionary of Eng LitEveryman£2.50vg1929
Creast EdwardFifteen Decisive Battles of the WorldEveryman£2.50vg1963
Dante AlighieriThe Vision or Hell Purgatory & ParadiseEveryman£2.50vg
Daudet AlphonseTartarin of Tarascon & t on the AlpsEveryman£2.50vg
De La Mare walterStories, Essays and PoemsEveryman£2.50vg+1941
De Quincey Thomasthe English Mail CoachEveryman£2.50vg1919
Defoe DanielA Tour Through England & Wales vol IEveryman£2.50vg-1948
Defoe DanielA Tour Through England & Wales vol IIEveryman£2.50vg-1948
Defoe DanielMoll FlandersEveryman£2.50vg1936rep
Dickens CharlesA Tale of Two CitiesEveryman£2.50vg1918
Dickens CharlesDavid CopperfieldEveryman£2.50vg193522nd
Dickens CharlesLittle DorritEveryman£2.50vg1917
Dickens CharlesMartin ChuzzlewitEveryman£2.50vg-1950
Dickens CharlesNicholas NicklebyEveryman£2.50vg1943
Dickens CharlesOliver TwistEveryman£2.50vg-1946
Dickens CharlesOur Mutual FriendEveryman£2.50vg-1919
Dickens CharlesThe Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick ClubEveryman£2.50vg+193113th
DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1936rep
Dostoevsky FyodorThe Brothers KaramazovEveryman£2.50vg+1950
Dostoevsky FyodorThe Possessed Vol 2Everyman£2.50vg+1952
Dostoieffsky FedorThe House of the DeadEveryman£2.50vg1929
Du Maurier GeorgeTrilbyEveryman£2.50vg+1951
Duchess MargaretThe Life of the Duke of NewcastleEveryman£2.50vg+
Dumas AlexandreChicot the JesterEveryman£2.50vg1915
Dumas AlexandreThe Count of Monte Cristo vol 1Everyman£2.50vg+1947
Dumas AlexandreThe Count of Monte Cristo vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+193510th
Dumas AlexandreThe Vicomte de Bragelonne vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1935
Eddington ArthurThe Nature of the Physical WorldEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Edwardes & SpenceA Dictionary of Non Classical MythologyEveryman£3.50vg+1929
Eliot GeorgeAdam BedeEveryman£2.50vg1977
Eliot GeorgeFelix Holt the RadicalEveryman£2.50vg19163rd
Eliot GeorgeRomolaEveryman£2.50vg1921
Eliot GeorgeSilas MarnerEveryman£2.50vg
Eliot GeorgeThe Mill on the FlossEveryman£2.50vg+1929
Emerson Ralph WaldoEssaysEveryman£2.50vg leather
Evelyn JohnThe Diary of John Evelyn vol IEveryman£2.50vg1952
Evelyn JohnThe Diary of John Evelyn vol IIEveryman£2.50vg1952
Evermanother interludes etcEveryman£2.50vg1930
Fenn ed.The Paston LettersEveryman£2.50vg+1940
Ferrier Susan EdmonstoneMarriageEveryman£2.50vg+
Fielding HenryJoseph AndrewsEveryman£2.50vg+
Fielding HenryTom Jones vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1929
Fielding HenryTom jones vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1950
Flaubert GustaveSalammboEveryman£2.50vg+
Flaubert GustaveSentimental EducationEveryman£2.50vg+19411st
Ford RichardGatherings From SpainEveryman£2.50vg+
Fox Charles JamesSpeeches During the French RevolutionEveryman£2.50vg+19241st
France AnatoleAt the Sign….. / The Revolt of the AngelsEveryman£2.50vg1942
Froude James AnthonyShort Studies on Great SubjectsEveryman£2.50vg1931
Froude James AnthonyThe Reign of Edward the SixthEveryman£2.50vg1926
Galton FrancisInquiries into human Faculty and its DevelopmentEveryman£2.50vg1928
Gaskell Elizabeth CleghornCranfordEveryman£2.50vg1923
Gaskell MrsCousin PhillisEveryman£2.50vg+
Gaskell MrsMary BartonEveryman£2.50vg+1971
Gaskell MrsSylvias LoverEveryman£2.50vg1971
Gaskell MrsSylvia’s LoversEveryman£2.50vg1924
Gatty MrsParables from NatureEveryman£2.50vg19093rd
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 1Everyman£2.50vg1936
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 2Everyman£2.50vg+1938
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 3Everyman£2.50vg+1938
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 4Everyman£2.50vg+1938
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 5Everyman£2.50vg+1938
GibbonDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire v 6Everyman£2.50vg+1938
Goethe Wolfgang VonWilhelm Meister vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1926
GoldsmithPoems and PlaysEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Goldsmith OliverThe Citizen of the World / The BeeEveryman£2.50vg19341st
Goldsmith OliverThe Vicar of WakefieldEveryman£2.50vg1917
Gordon TranslatorAnglo-Saxon PoetryEveryman£2.50vg+1937
Gray ThomasPoemsEveryman£2.50vg
Green John RichardShort History English people vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1960
Green JRA Short History of The English People vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1940
Green JRA Short History of The English People vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1940
GrossmithThe Diary of a NobodyEveryman£2.50vg19401st
Guest Charlotte trans.The MabingionEveryman£2.50vg
Hadfield ed John HadfieldModern Short StoriesEveryman£2.50vg1947
Hahnemann SamuelOrganon of the Rational Art of HealingEveryman£2.50vg
Hampden edEighteenth Century PlaysEveryman£2.50vg+
Hampden editorPlays for Boys and GirlsEveryman£2.50vg19401st
Hampden John edGhost StoriesEveryman£2.50vg19361st
Hardouin / JoinvilleMemoirs of the CrusadesEveryman£2.50vg1915
Hawthorn NathanielThe Scarlet LetterEveryman£2.50vg+1947
Hawthorne NathanielThe House of the Seven GablesEveryman£2.50vg1936
Hazlitt WilliamLectures on English PoetsEveryman£2.50vg+1960
Herodotus trans RawlinsonThe History of Herodotus vol 2Everyman£2.50vg19101st
HomerThe IliadEveryman£2.50vg+1948
Hudson WHA Shepherds LifeEveryman£2.50vg1949
Hudson WHFar Away and Long AgoEveryman£2.50vg1945
Hughes editerChinese Philosophy in Classical TimesEveryman£2.50vg+19421st
Hugo VictorLes MiserablesEveryman£2.50vg1935
Hume DavidA Treatise of Human NatureEveryman£2.50vg+
Hutchinson LucyMemoirs of Colonel HutchinsonEveryman£2.50vg1913
Huxley AldousStories, Essays & PoemsEveryman£2.50vg19371st
IbsenGhosts and two other playsEveryman£2.50vg+1949
IbsenPeer GyntEveryman£2.50vg1947
Ibsen HenrikA Doll’s HouseEveryman£2.50vg1949
Ingelow JeanMopsa the FairyEveryman£2.50vg+19253rd
Irving WashingtonLife of MahometEveryman£2.50vg1949rep
Irving WashingtonThe Conquest of GranadaEveryman£2.50vg1915
Jefferies RichardAfter London / Amaryllis at the FairEveryman£2.50vg19391st
Jefferies RichardBevis The story of a BoyEveryman£3.00vg+1950
Jones & Jones TransThe MabinogionEveryman£3.00vg+1950
Kant ImmanuelCritique of Pure ReasonEveryman£3.00vg19341st
Keats JohnPoemsEveryman£3.00vg+1936
Kent WilliamLondon for EverymanEveryman£2.50vg1947
Kinglake Alexander WilliamEothenEveryman£2.50vg1920
Kingsley CharlesHereward the WakeEveryman£2.50vg+1935
Kingsley CharlesHypatiaEveryman£2.50vg+1935
Kingsley CharlesThe HeroesEveryman£2.50vg
Kingsley CharlesThe Water Babies & GlaucusEveryman£2.50vg+1928
Kingsley CharlesWestward HoEveryman£2.50vg+1943
Kingsley HenryRavenshoeEveryman£2.50vg
Lamb CharlesThe Essays of EliaEveryman£2.50vg1925
Lawrence D HStories Essays And PoemsEveryman£2.50vg19391st
Lawrence D HThe White PeacockEveryman£3.00vg+19351st
le Braz introThe Adventures of Gil Blas Vol IEveryman£2.50vg1928
le Braz introThe Adventures of Gil Blas Vol IIEveryman£2.50vg1928
Ley editorPortuguese Voyages 1498-1663Everyman£2.50vg19471st
Lockhart JGThe Life of Sir Walter ScottEveryman£2.50vg+1957
Lockhart JGThe Life of Sir Walter ScottEveryman£2.50vg+1931
Lockhart John GibsonThe History of Napolian BoneparteEveryman£2.50
Lover SamuelHandy Andy a tale of Irish lifeEveryman£2.50vg+1937
Lutzow countBohemiaEveryman£2.50vg1920
Lyell CharlesThe Antiquity of ManEveryman£2.50vg
Lynd RobertEssays on Life and LiteratureEveryman£2.50vg+19511st
Lytton LordThe Last of The BaronsEveryman£2.50vg+1944
Macaulayessays vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Macaulay lordMiscellaneous Essays Lays of Ancient RomeEveryman£2.50vg1932
Macaulay Thomas BabingtonCritical & Historical Essays vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1935
Machiavelli NicoloThe PrinceEveryman£2.50vg1938
Macnicol edHindu ScripturesEveryman£2.50vg1943
Malory Sir ThomasLe Morte d’Arthur vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1938
Malory Sir ThomasLe Morte d’Arthur vol IIEveryman£2.50vg+1938
Mansfield KatherineThe Garden Party and other StoriesEveryman£2.50f
Marlowe ChristopherThe PlaysEveryman£2.50vg19123rd
MarryatMasterman ReadyEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Marryat captainThe King’s OwnEveryman£2.50vg+1924
Marx KarlCapital vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1946
Masefield Introduced byChronicles of the Pilgrim FathersEveryman£2.50vg
Mason EugeneAucassin & NicoletteEveryman£2.50vg+1931
Mazzini JosephThe Duties of ManEveryman£3.00vg+1929
MeredithThe Ordeal of Richard FeverelEveryman£3.00vg+19351st
Merivale CharlesHistory of RomeEveryman£2.50vg
Mickiewicz AdamPan TadeuszEveryman£2.50vg19301st
Mickiewicz AdamPan TadeuszEveryman£2.50vg+19661st
Milman Henry HartThe History of the Jews Vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1930
Milman Henry HartThe history of the Jews vol IIEveryman£2.50vg1939
Milton JohnAreopagitica and OthersEveryman£2.50vg19271st
Mitford Mary RussellOur VillageEveryman£2.50vg19361st
Montaigne MichaelEssayesEveryman£2.50vg
More ThomasUtopiaEveryman£2.50vg+1978
More ThomasUtopia and the Dialogue of ComfortEveryman£2.50vg+1937
Motley JLThe Rise of the Dutch Republic vol. 1Everyman£2.50vg1930
Motley JLThe Rise of the Dutch Republic vol. 2Everyman£2.50vg1928
Motley JLThe Rise of the Dutch Republic vol. 3Everyman£2.50vg1929
NewmanOn the scpe and Nature of university EducationEveryman£2.50vg+
Newman john HenryApologia pro Vita SuaEveryman£2.50vg1949
Nietzsche Freidrich WThus Spake ZarathustraEveryman£2.50vg19331st
OvidSelected WorksEveryman£2.50vg+1955
Park MungoThe Travels Of Mungo ParkEveryman£2.50vg19102nd
Parry editorLetters Doothy Osborne to William templeEveryman£2.50vg+
Pascal BlaisePenseesEveryman£2.50vg19311st
Pearson KarlThe Grammar of ScienceEveryman£2.50vg19371st
Penn WlliamThe Peace of Europe:Fruits of SolitudeEveryman£2.50vg
Pepys SamuelDiary Vol 3Everyman£2.50vg+
Pepys SamuelThe Diary of Samuel pepys vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1947
Pepys SamuelThe Diary of Samuel pepys vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1949
PercyReliques of ancient English Poetry vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1926
PercyReliques of ancient English Poetry vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1926
Percy ThomasReliques of Ancient English Poetry vol IEveryman£2.50vg+1932
Piehler H AScotland for EverymanEveryman£2.50vg1939
PlatoFive Dialogues on Poetic InspirationEveryman£2.50vg1929
PlatoThe RepublicEveryman£2.50vg+1929
PlutarchLives Vol 1Everyman£2.50vg+1948
PlutarchLives Vol 2Everyman£2.50vg+1948
PlutarchLives Vol 3Everyman£2.50vg+1948
Poe Edgar AllanTales of Mystery and ImaginationEveryman£2.50vg-1914
Pope AlexanderColected PoemsEveryman£2.50vg+19312nd
Priestley JBAngel PavementEveryman£2.50vg+19371st
Rabelais FrancoisGargantua and Pantagruel vol 1Everyman£2.50vg+1954
Rabelais FrancoisGargantua and Pantagruel vol 2Everyman£2.50vg+1954
Radcliffe AnnThe Mysteries of Udolpho Vol IEveryman£2.50vg+19311st
Radcliffe AnnThe Mysteries of Udolpho Vol IIEveryman£2.50vg19311st
Read CharlesThe Cloister and the HearthEveryman£2.50vg+1960
Reade CharlesThe Cloister and the HearthEveryman£2.50vg1948
Reid MayneThe Boy SlavesEveryman£2.50vg19271st
Richardson SamuelPamela Vol IEveryman£2.50vg1928
Richardson SamuelPamela Vol twoEveryman£2.50vg1935
Rodwell TranslatorThe KoranEveryman£3.50vg1918
RogetThesaurus vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1941
RogetThesaurus vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1942
Rojas Fernando DeCelestinaEveryman£2.50vg+
Rossetti Dante GabrielPoems and TranslationsEveryman£3.00vg+1940
RousseauThe Social ContractEveryman£3.00vg+1916
Rousseau Jean JacquesConfessions Vol IEveryman£2.50vg19311st
Rousseau Jean JacquesConfessions Vol IIEveryman£2.50vg19311st
Ruskin JohnSesame and Lilies etcEveryman£2.50vg1938
Ruskin JohnThe Crown of Wild Olives & The Cesus of AglaiaEveryman£2.50vg+
Ruskin JohnThe Eliments of Drawings & PerspectiveEveryman£2.50vg1912
Ruskin JohnThe Seven Lamps of ArchitectureEveryman£2.50vg+
Ruskin JohnThe Seven Lamps of ArchitectureEveryman£2.50vg-1928
Ruskin JohnTime and Tide . Notes on construction of SheepfoldEveryman£2.50vg-
Ruskin JohnUnto This LastEveryman£2.50vg+1926
Scott WalterAnne of GeiersteinEveryman£2.50vg1927
Scott WalterGuy ManneringEveryman£2.50vg+1933
Scott WalterIvanhoeEveryman£2.50vg+1948
Scott WalterKenilworthEveryman£2.50vg-
Scott WalterPeveril of the PeakEveryman£2.50vg1932
Scott WalterRed GauntletEveryman£2.50vg1930
Scott WalterRedgauntletEveryman£2.50vg1970
Scott WalterRob RoyEveryman£2.50vg+1948rep
Scott WalterSt Ronan’s WellEveryman£2.50vg1921
Scott WalterThe AbbotEveryman£2.50vg+1924
Scott WalterThe AntiquaryEveryman£2.50vg
Scott WalterThe Blak Dwarf & A Legend of MontroseEveryman£2.50vg+1924
Scott WalterThe Bride of LammermoorEveryman£2.50vg
Scott WalterThe Fair Maid of PerthEveryman£2.50vg1916
Scott WalterThe Heart of MidlothianEveryman£2.50vg+1932
Scott WalterThe Livesof the NovelistsEveryman£2.50vg+1928
Scott WalterThe MonasteryEveryman£2.50vg1926
Scott WalterThe TalismanEveryman£2.50vg1929
Scott WalterWoodstockEveryman£2.50vg
Scott WalterWoodstockEveryman£2.50vg-1969
Sewell AnneBlack BeautyEveryman£2.50vg+1951
ShakespearHistorical Plays, Poems and SonnetsEveryman£2.50vg1927
Sheridan Richard BrinsleyPlaysEveryman£2.50vg+1931
Smollett TobiasRoderick EandomEveryman£2.50vg1931
Somerville & RossExperiences of an Irish RMEveryman£3.00vg+19471st
SophoclesThe DramasEveryman£3.00vg+1947
Speke JHJournals of Discovery of Source of the NileEveryman£2.50vg
Spenser EdmundThe Faerie Queene vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1921
Stanley Arthur PenrhynHistorical Memorials of CanterburyEveryman£2.50vg19062nd
StendhalScarlet and Black vol 2Everyman£2.50vg19381st
Sterne LaurenceTristram ShandyEveryman£2.50vg+1935
Stevenson Robert LouisMaster of Ballantrae & Black ArrowEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Stevenson Robert LouisSt IvesEveryman£2.50vg+19341st
Stevenson Robert LouisTravels with a Donkey etcEveryman£2.50vg+1931
Stevenson Robert LouisVirginibus Puerisque etcEveryman£2.50vg+1929
Stow JohnThe Survey of LondonEveryman£2.50vg1929
Sturlason SnorreHeimskringla the Norse Kings SagaEveryman£2.50vg+19301st
Surtees Robert SmithJorrocks’ Jaunts & JollitiesEveryman£2.50vg
Swedenborg EmanuelThe Divine Love and WisomEveryman£2.50vg1933
Swift JonathanGullivers travelsEveryman£3.00vg19093rd
Swift JonathanJournal to stellaEveryman£2.50vg
Swinnerton FrankThe Georgian Literary SceneEveryman£2.50vg19381st
Synge JMPlays Poems & ProsEveryman£2.50vg1941
Tchekhov AntonPlays and StoriesEveryman£2.50vg+19371st
Tennyson AlfredThe Poems vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1928
Thackeray W MVanity FairEveryman£2.50vg+1975
Thackeray William MakepieceChristmas BooksEveryman£2.50vg-19213rd
Thackeray William MakepieceThe English HumouristsEveryman£2.50vg+19244th
Thackery William MakepeacePendennis vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1949
Thackery William MakepeacePendennis vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1944
Thackery William MakepeaceThe History of Henry EsmondEveryman£2.50vg1931
Thackery William MakepeaceVanity FairEveryman£2.50vg19092nd
Thoreau Henry DavidWaldenEveryman£2.50vg1937
Thorndike editorMinor Elizabethan DramaEveryman£2.50vg+1930
ThucydidesHistory of the Peloponnesian WarEveryman£2.50vg1929
Tolstoi LeoAnna Karenina vol 1Everyman£2.50vg-1914
Tolstoy LeoChildhood, Boyhood, and YouthEveryman£2.50vg+1945
Tolstoy LeoMaster and ManEveryman£2.50vg+1930
Tolstoy LeoWar and Peace vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1939
Tolstoy LeoWar and Peace vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1934
Tolstoy LeoWar and Peace vol 3Everyman£2.50vg1939
TrollopeBarchester TowersEveryman£2.50vg1977
Trollope AnthonyBarchester TowersEveryman£2.50vg
Trollope AnthonyDoctor ThorneEveryman£2.50vg1942
Trollope AnthonyFramley ParsonageEveryman£2.50vg+1940
Trollope AnthonyPhineas Finn vol 1Everyman£2.50vg19291st
Trollope AnthonyThe Golden Lion of GranpereEveryman£2.50vg19241st
Trollope AnthonyThe Last Chronicle of Barset vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1951
Trollope AnthonyThe Last Chronicle of Barset vol 2Everyman£2.50vg1951
Trollope AnthonyThe small House at AllingtonEveryman£2.50vg1928
Trollope AnthonyThe WardenEveryman£2.50vg+/f
Trollope AnthonyThe WardenEveryman£2.50vg+1944
Trollope AnthonyThe WardenEveryman£2.50vg+1916
TurgenevFathes and SonsEveryman£2.50vg
Turgenev Ivan SLizaEveryman£2.50vg1917
Turgenev Ivan SSmokeEveryman£2.50vg19491st
Tyndall JohnThe Glaciers of the Alps & MountaineeringEveryman£4.00vg19113rd
VariousA Book of NonsenseEveryman£2.50vg
VariousA New Book of Sense & NonsenseEveryman£2.50vg+
VariousBritish Historical & Political Orations 12th -20thEveryman£2.50vg1924
VariousGolden Treasury of Longer PoemsEveryman£2.50vg1939
VariousModern HumourEveryman£2.50vg1940
VariousPoems of our Time 1900-1942Everyman£2.50vg19451st
VariousShorter Novels Elizabethan & Jacobean vol 1Everyman£2.50vg1938
VariousSilver Poets of 16th centEveryman£2.50vg19471st
VariousThe Anglo Saxon ChronicleEveryman£2.50vg+
VariousThe Golden Treasury of Longer PoemsEveryman£2.50vg1926
VariousThe Little flowers & Life of St FrancisEveryman£2.50vg+1931
VariousThe Minor Elizabethan DramaEveryman£2.50vg1939
VariousThe New Golden Treasury Songs & LyricsEveryman£2.50vg1920
VariousThe Story Books for Boys and GirlsEveryman£2.50vg+1940
Walpole HughMr Perrin and Mr TraillEveryman£2.50vg+1948
Walpole;Johnson;BeckfordShorter Novels – inc OtrantoEveryman£2.50vg19301st
Walton IzaakThe Complete AnglerEveryman£2.50
Webster and FordPlaysEveryman£2.50vg19331st
Wilde OscarPlays, Prose Writings, and PoemsEveryman£2.50vg1945
Woolf VirginiaTo the LighthouseEveryman£2.50vg1943
Woolman JohnThe JournalEveryman£2.50vg- leathe
Wordsworth WilliamPoems Vol 3Everyman£2.50vg+
Wordsworth WilliamThe shorter PoemsEveryman£2.50vg
Wright walter PAn Illustrated Encyclopaedia of gardeningEveryman£2.50vg1939
Yonge CharlotteThe Little DukeEveryman£2.50vg1930
Yonge Charlotte MA Book of Golden DeedsEveryman£2.50vg19102nd
Yonge Charlotte MThe Dove in the Eagles NestEveryman£2.50vg19235th

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