Pel Torro aka Lionel Fanthorpe

Lionel wrote  89 of his books in a three year period. That’s one every 12 days, while holding down a teaching job. As Pel Torro he wrote both SF and SN titles.

collage Badger Pel Torro
World of Gods Badger SF 45 Anon vg- £3.50
Legion of the Lost Badger SN 66 Fox vg+ £10.00
The Strange Ones Badger SN 70 vg £7.50
The Timeless Ones Badger SN 76 vg £7.50
Through the Barrier Badger SF 91 Anon vg £5.00
The Last Astronaut Badger SF 93 Fox vg £4.00
The Return Badger SF 101 Fox vg £4.00
Space No Barrier Badger SF 106 Anon vg £5.00
Force 97X Badger SF 110 Fox vg £3.50

More SF Digests – I have still a very lot to sort.

1 3 Beyond Fantasy Fiction 1953 £2.50 Algis Budrys – Boyd Elanby – Wyman Guin – Richard Deming – Ted Reynolds

Beyond Fantasy Fiction was a US fantasy fiction magazine edited by H. L. Gold, with only ten issues published from 1953 to 1955. The last two issues carried the cover title of Beyond Fiction, but the publication’s name for copyright purposes remained as before.
10 8 Fantastic Stories of Imagination 1961 08 £2.50 Poul Anderson – Keith Loumer – Theodore L Thomas – Clark Ashton Smith – Jack Sharkey – Arthur Porges – Henry Slesar

10 3 Fantastic Stories of Imagination 1961 03 £2.50 Daniel F Galouye – Russall Garrett – Jack Sharkey – Ida Elmer – David R Bunch – Keith Loumer

2 5 Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction 1978 09 £2.50 Hal Clement – Randall Garrett – Jack C Halderman – Milton A Rothman – E Amalia Andujar

The Most Thrilling SF 061

Most Thrilling 1966ish Chad Oliver – PF Costello – Henry Slesar – Jack Sharkey – OH Leslie – Rog Phillips – Richard Greer – Ellis Hart £2.50


Science Fiction (& fantasy) HARD BACKS

PLEASE NOTE – Not all these books are located in my shop (for security reasons)

Wyndham John The Day of the Triffids £tbd Michel Joseph
Hamilton Edmond City at Worlds End £10.00 Fell
Clarke Arthur C Islands in the Sky £10.00 Sedgwick & Jackson
Dick Philip K World of Chance £10.00 sf Book Club
Ballard JG The Drowned World £tbd Gollancz
Tubb EC Death is a Dream £10.00 Hart Davis
Tubb EC Ten From Tomorrow £10.00 Hart Davis
Bloch Robert Cold Chills £5.00 Hale
van Vogt A E More than Superhuman £40.00 NEL
Stevens Francis The Heads of Cerberus £15.00 Polaris
Burroughs Edgar Rice The Moon Maid £25.00 Tom Stacey
Clarke Arthur C 1984 Spring £10.00 Granada
Sheehan Perley Poore The Abyss of Wonders £20.00 Polaris
Clarke Arthur C The Coming of the Space Age £10.00 Gollancz
Taine John The Forbidden Garden £20.00 Fantasy
Taine John Green Fire £10.00 Fantasy
Farmer Philip Jose The Classic 1952 – 1964 £5.00 Robson
Bell Robert In Realms Unknown £10.00 Vantage
Clarke Arthus C Of Time and Stars £5.00 Gollancz
Campbell John W The Incedible Planet £20.00 Fantasy
Dick Philip K Valis £25.00 Kerosina

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Has anyone else spotted the resemblance of Isaak Asimov to Vic Reeves? This selection is all US editions apart from Oct 60 and May 62 that are UK editions.


1962 May f Robert F Young – Kate Wilhelm – Maria Russell – Isaac Asomov – Henry Slesar – Poul Anderson
1969 May vg+ Poul Anderson – Suzette Haden Elgin – William C Abeel – M John Harrison – Ron Goulart – George Malko –
1968 October vg Larry Niven – Robert Silverberg – Phullis Murphy – Harvey Jacobs – D F Jones – Harlon Ellison – Isaak Asimov – Ron Goulart – Arthur C Clarke
1968 September vg Piers Anthony – Ed Jesby – Gilbert Thomas – Gahan Wilson – Stephen Barr – David R Bunch – Henry Slesar
1966 October vg Isaac Asimov – L Sprage De Camp – Gahan Wilson – Arthur Porges – Vic Chapmen – R L Stephenson – Jon Decles – Brian W Aldiss – Sally Daniell
1966 July f Keith Laumer – Ardrey Marshall – Jack Vance – Robert Bloch – Ron Goulart – Norman Spinrad – Herb Lehrman
1966 April vg Philip K Dick – Jack Vance – A M Marple – Carol Emswiller – J T McIintosh – Gilbert Thomas – James Fulley – Larry Niven
1966 “March” vg- Zenna Henderson – Kathleen James – Henry Slesar – Richard Olin – John Tomerlin – Julius Fast – Rudyard Kipling
1965 June vg+ Poul Anderson -Frederic Brown – Carl Onspaugh -Gahan Wilson – Judith Merril – Ron Gulart – Theodore L Thomas – Herb Lehrman – Greg Benford – Doris Pitkin Buck
1960 October vg- Gordon R Dickson – Charles G Finney – Will Worthington- Miriam Allen Deford – Isaac Asimov – Howard Fast – Clifford D Simak
1957 August vg Walter M Miller – Stuart Palmer – Mildred Clingerman – Rog Phillips – William Morrison – Les Cole – Damon Knight – H Ken Bulmer – Doris P Buck – Anthony Boucher – Robert Heinlein – Isaak Asimov


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

I have many issues in stock - Post Free in UK


Science Fiction – using a loose definition.


Mordecai Roshwald – Level 7 “It is a tremendous find” quote from J B Priestly £3.50

Edgar Rice Burroughs – Synthetic Men of Mars – £2.50 I have well over 5 foot of Burroughs in the shop, not that many catalogued yet.

Jeffrey Lord – BLADE: The Dragons of Englor £1.00 (condition not the best) and Champion of the Gods at £2.50

The Frozen Planet and other SF novellas £3.00

Sydney J Bounds – The ROBOT BRAINS – £3.50

Fredric Brown – The Mind Thing – £2.50

A.E. Van Vogt – SLAN – £6.00. It was in the early 60’s when I read this, I just wonder what I would make of it now? It did impress back then.

Jeff Sutton – Apollo At Go – £3.50

J Hunter Holly – The Flying Eyes – £4.00

Murray Leinster – The Greeks Bring Gifts – £3.50

Science Fiction, Fantasy ; and a little bit of Voodoo.

It is difficult to classify sf or fantasy and supernatural and one of these books falls into neither camp.

I can post books, assuming that I have remembered where I have put them. With 6647 paperbacks catalogued with about 15,000 to go it is not that easy to keep them in order.

SC 14112018
Anthology  – Asleep in Armageddon
Anthology  – Atoms and Evil
Bradbury Ray  – The Golden Apples of the Sun
Brunner John –  Black is the Colour
Fanthorpe RL  – Hyper Space
Hodgson WH – The House on the Border Land
Kline Otis Adelbert – The Swordman of Mars
Long Frank Belknap – Journey Into Darkness
McIntosh JT  – Worlds Apart
Merak AJ  – Barrier Unknown
Moorcock Michael  – Elric of Melnibone
Muller John E  – Space Void
Powers JL  – Black Abyss
Reynolds Mack  – Space Pioneer
Van Vogt A E  – Two Hundred Million AD/The Book of Ptath

Van Vogt AE – Destination:Universe


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