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Margulies - Back Alley Jungle

A mixture of UK and US editions

Auther Title Publisher Letter Number Edition Date Cover Condition Price
Aarons Edward S Assignment Helene Gold Medal UK 460 vg- £3.00
Aarons Edward S Assignment Lili Lamaris Gold Medal UK 678 r 1963 vg £3.00
Aarons Edward S Assignment Madeleine Gold Medal UK 676 2nd 1963 anon vg £2.50
Aarons Edward S AssignmentAnkara Gold Medal UK 595 1st 1962 anon vg £3.00
Aarons Edward S The Defenders Gold Medal UK 570 2nd anon vg £3.00
Albert Marvin H That Jane from Maine Gold Medal UK 431 1st film vg- £2.50
Atlee Philip The Green Wound Gold Medal 703 1st £3.00
Axelrod George Backmailer Gold Medal US 248 1st 1952 vg £4.00
Ballard W T Walk in Fear Gold Medal 259 1st 1952 vg- £5.00
Bloch Robert Atoms and Evil Gold Medal UK 638 vg- £2.00
Blood Mathew The Avenger Gold Medal UK 302 1st 1958 anon vg £4.00
Brackeen Steve Baby Moll Gold Medal UK 0 vg £3.00
Brennan Frederick Hazlitt One of our H Bombs is Missing Gold Medal UK 146 1st anon vg £3.50
Brown Fredric Madball Gold Medal UK 584 £8.00
Brown Wenzell The Murder Kick Gold Medal UK 524 1st vg £3.00
Cartoons Cartoon Laffs Gold Medal US 249 2nd 1952 vg £2.50
Castle Frank Murder in Red Gold Medal UK 341 1st vg- £2.50
Castle Frank Vengeance Under Law Gold Medal UK 235 vg £3.00
Chadwick Joseph Devil’s Legacy Gold Medal US 261 1st 1952 g £5.00
Chase Borden Lone Star Gold Medal US 236 1st 1952 vg £5.00
Clark Ford The Open Square Gold Medal UK 615 1st 1963 anon vg £3.50
Conroy Albert The Mob Says Murder Gold Medal UK 375 1st 1960 anon vg £3.00
Content Nikki Hideaway Gold Medal UK 58 vg £3.00
Demaris Ovid Candylegs Gold Medal UK 594 1st 1962 anon vg £5.00
Demaris Ovid The Hoods Take Over Gold Medal US 680 1st 1957 vg- £7.50
Dodge Steve Shanghai Incident Gold Medal US 456 1st 1955 vg- £10.00
Duhart William H The Deadly Pay-Off Gold Medal 332 1st £3.00
Fischer Bruno The Girl Between Gold Medal UK 544 1st 1962 anon vg- £5.00
Fleischman AS Look Behind You Lady Gold Medal UK 0 vg+ £3.00
Foster Richard Too Late for the Mourning Gold Medal UK 512 1st 1961 vg- £2.00
Glendenning Richard Terror in the Sun Gold Medal US 237 1st 1952 g £4.00
Green Chalmers The Scarlet Venus Gold Medal US 246 1st 1952 vg+ £4.00
Hamilton Donald Night Walker Gold Medal 1472 1st £3.00
Hamilton Donald The Ambushers Gold Medal UK 710 1st 1964 anon vg+ £4.00
Hilton Joseph That French Girl Gold Medal US 278 1st 1952 vg £3.00
Himmel Richard The Chinese Keyhole Gold Medal US 543 4th 1955 vg £2.50
Himmel Richard The Sharp Edge Gold Medal US 234 1st 1952 vg+ £5.00
Howard Vechel Sundown at Crazy Horse Gold Medal UK 295 1st anon vg- £2.50
Howard Vechel Tall in the West Gold Medal UK 382 vg+ £4.00
Jessup Richard Wolf Cop Gold Medal UK 636 1st 1963 vg £3.00
Keene Day Dead Dolls Don’t Talk Gold Medal UK 635 1st anon vg £3.00
Krepps Robert W The Big Gamble Gold Medal UK 532 1st 1961 vg £3.00
L’amour Louis Hondo Gold Medal US 347 1st 1953 vg- £2.50
Lawrence Steven C Saddle Justice Gold Medal US 667 1st 1956 vg £10.00
Leinster Murray War With the Gizmos Gold Medal US s 751 1st 1958 vg+ £3.50
MacDonald John D The Damned Gold Medal UK 724 rep vg £3.00
MacDonals John D The Damned Gold Medal UK 693 1st 1964 anon vg- £3.00
MacNeil Neil 2 Guns for Hire Gold Medal 1484 £3.50
Margulies Leo Back Alley Jungle Gold Medal UK 631 1st 1963 anon f £4.00
Mason Raymond Forever Is Today Gold Medal US 468 1st 1955 vg £4.00
Myers Virginia Escape From Morales Gold Medal US 320 1st 1953 vg- £2.50
Packer Vin Dark Inrtuder Gold Medal US 250 1st 1952 vg £2.50
Patten Lewis B White Warrior Gold Medal UK 203 1st anon vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Bodies in Bedlam Gold Medal UK 668 rep vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Case of the Vanishing Beaty Gold Medal UK 663 2nd vg £4.00
Prather Richard S Dance With the Dead Gold Medal UK 554 vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Darling it’s Death Gold Medal UK 661 r 1963 anon vg- £2.50
Prather Richard S Find This Woman Gold Medal UK 665 2nd anon vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Joker in the Deck Gold Medal 718 1st vg £3.50
Prather Richard S Kill the Clown Gold Medal UK 613 1st 1963 Hooks vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Lie Down Killer Gold Medal UK 669 2nd 1963 vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Pattern for Panic Gold Medal UK 0 1st 1962 vg- £3.00
Prather Richard S Pattern for Panic Gold Medal US 573 1st 1962 anon vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Shell Scott’s Seven Slaughters Gold Medal UK 548 1st anon vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Shell Scott’s Seven Slaughters Gold Medal UK 672 r 1963 anon vg £2.50
Prather Richard S Strip for Murder Gold Medal UK 667 2nd vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Take a Murder Darling Gold Medal UK 671 vg £3.00
Prather Richard S The Comfortable Coffin Gold Medal UK 0 1st vg £3.00
Prather Richard S The Wailing Frail Gold Medal US 592 1st 1956 vg- £4.00
Prather Richard S The Wailing Frail Gold Medal UK 664 r 1963 anon vg £3.00
Prather Richard S Too Many Crooks Gold Medal UK 666 2nd 1963 Kays vg £3.00
Rigsby Howard As a Man Falls Gold Medal UK 403 1st Meese? vg £3.00
Ronns Edward Don’t Cry Beloved Gold Medal US 239 1st 1952 vg £2.50
Ronns Edward The Decoy Gold Medal US 194 1st 1951 g £4.00
Rubel James L No Business for a Lady Gold Medal UK 0 1st vg £3.50
Runyon Charles The Death Cycle Gold Medal 644 1st 1963 vg
Shirreffs Gordon Rio Bravo Gold Medal UK 493 1st 1961 anon vg £5.00
Shirreffs Gordon D The Brave Rifles Gold Medal US 876 1st 1959 anon vg £2.50
Shulman Irving College Confidential Gold Medal UK 517 1st f £5.00
Telfair Richard Good Luck Sucker Gold Medal UK 564 1st vg- £2.50
Telfair Richard The Bloody Medallion Gold Medal UK 407 vg £3.00
Tevis Walter The Man Who Fell to Earth Gold Medal UK 656 1st anon vg £10.00
Thomas Kenneth The Devil’s Mistress Gold Medal d 1202 vg £2.50
Thomey Tedd Killer in White Gold Medal UK 236 1st vg- £3.00
Wainer Cord Mountain Girl Gold Medal US 599 2nd 1956 vg £4.00
White Loionel Coffin for a Hood Gold Medal 346 g+ £10.00
Williams Charles River Girl Gold Medal US G 207 1st 1951 vg- £10.00




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