Dynamite for Hire/The Warring Seas – A V Sellwood

Dramatic exploits of a U-Boat ace in the battle of the Atlantic

“Lieutenant – Commander Hein Fehler’s war ended when an American lieutenant boarded his submarine U234 in the North Atlantic. Fehler’s natural instinct to fight on had been crushed by the last Order of th Day issued by Grand Admiral Doenitz – to ‘surrender to the Western Powers’. For ‘Dynamite Fehler, holder of the Gold Cross and the Iron Cross, it was the end of an era of excitement andadventure marked by his courage and leadership in many engagements with Germany’s enemies. Fehler had fought throughout World War II in a variety of ships, including the famous surface raider Atlantis, the scourge of Allied shipping, and the unique giant submarine U234. This account, told in his own words, is as exciting as only truth can be. It stands out as an epic story of a very human, very professional and very brave man.

Panther edition £3.00

The Homeward Run – Joachim Lehnhoff

They sailed on a mission of destruction: the death-throe of the beaten Reich

Germany is on the eve of collapse and, under cover of darkness, a U-Boat slips her moorings……

A Panther edition in near vg condition £5.00

Eclectic Acquisitions

The thing about being a second hand book dealer is you can only acquire what you find (at a price that allows a margin of profit to help pay the electric bill). Today’s batch demonstrates this, I did decide not to buy the “Folio’s” on offer as they were not perfect and the price was what I would sell them for.

Above Us the Waves – Warren & Benson – a much reprinted and republished title and I do have paperback copies (from the 60’s) but this, though jacketless, is a vg first edition hard back. £4.00

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice – Life in a Yorkshir Village Shop – Wheeler – About Huddersfield way, it does mention Deighton £4.00

The Worlds Best SF Short Stories No.1 – ed. Wollheim Fine UK first Hardback in fine dj – £7.50.

Mi Barber – On Stony Ground. A Romantic Novel Set in Summer Wine Country in the early 1800’s £3.00

Victorian and Edwardian Yorkshire from old Photographs £3.00

..and some Dalesman books.


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