Tales of Wonder #7 Summer 1939

Tales of Wonder and Super Science #7 1939 033

This is what I have a pulp with no cover but notice the article by Arthur C Clarke “We can rocket to the Moon – Now”, then notice the date, 1939. I have searched out the original cover and have attached a copy to the book.

Tales of Wonder #7

It is items like this that present a problem of pricing. I have found three copies offered for sale at £82, £102 and £123, there could well be others out there. The text and the rest of the book is tight and in good condition, but with no front cover. I have found out what the cover looks like. other authors are John Beynon, Coutts Brisbane, Frank Edward Arnold, David H Heller, Maurice G Hugh and Geo. C Wallis, all I admit I have not read. So, what is it worth. In trying to find a mention of this article (unsuccessfully) I came across a fascinating article about Arthur and his friends, Arthur was 20 at the time. https://www.airspacemag.com/space/hms-moon-rocket-3143/ showing how advanced some were thinking at the time.HMS Moon Rocket

Tales of Wonder #7

Tales of Wonder No. 7 Summer 1939

A rare UK pulp, a complete book with repro cover. By post to a UK address £10


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