Peter James – Dead if you Don’t

Peter James183

Brighton this time with Roy Grace. Demonstrating all the requirements to fit the “modern” detective genre. A boss who speaks gobbledygook is an idiot and has a name to suit (apologies to anyone named Caspian or Pewe), a set of detectives with confused relationship problems, a set of criminals devising twisted and evil ways to torture and kill and a set of victims that have many faults of their own.

Added together though, with a quick moving engaging plot, all it needs to challenge Nordic Noir is for the hero to go to the toilet now and again. All in all though this is a great series that I would recommend. I can’t say I have copies of every one of them in the shop, and can’t go up to check, but as I have read nearly all of them, I must have a fair number.

Just pondering, would it be OK under current rules to offer free delivery of books purchased on-line (just in the Spen Valley).

Peter James184

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