For those of an age the TV character who may or may not have been the Prisoner.

Ballinger WA Danger Man – The Exterminator Consul 803 1st 1966 anon vg £4.00
Leslie Peter Danger Man- Hell for Tomorrow Consul 802 1st 1965 anon vg £4.00

I know I have “Prisoner” titles but the search of my database only brought this assortment up.
Calvert Michael Prisoners of Hope Panther
Creasey John A Kind of Prisoner Four Square
Garve Andrew Prisoners Friend Pan
Hope Anthony The Prisoner of Zenda Bantam
Lorant Stefan I Was Hitler’s Prisoner Penguin
Mason AEW The Prisoner in the Opal H&S
Not Stated Prisoners of the Desert Sexton Blake
Reynolds Margaret Prisoner at the Bar Digit
Taylor James Prisoner of the Kormoran Panther
Wheatley Dennis The Prisoner in the Mask Arrow



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