The Original Science Fiction Stories (Digest)


2The Original SF Stories1958(vg-) Eric Frank Russell – Banister – Silverberg – DeVet – Arnett – Ron Smith – Irving Cox – Cover Emsh
4The Original SF Stories1958(vg) Theodor L Thomas – Calvin M Knox – Ralph Spencer – Arthur Zirul – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Freas
5The Original SF Stories1958(vg-)Haugsraud & Smith – Mack Richards – Gordon R Dickson – George H Smith – Robert Randall Irving Fang – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Emsh
6The Original SF Stories1958(vg) D A Jourdan – Calvin M Knox – A Bertram Chandler – Watson Parker – L Sprague de Camp – Cover Freas
7The Original SF Stories0(vg-) Long – Vaisberg – Osborne – Diane Detzer Cover Freas
8The Original SF Stories19597(vg) Moore & Bradford – Smith – Siegel – St. Clair – Bloch – Cover Emsh
10The Original SF Stories195911(vg) Wilhelm – Chandler – Farrell – Maki – Moore & Bradford
11The Original SF Stories195912(vg) Silverberg – Basil Wells – Wilhelm – Reed – Caramine – Scortia


The Original SCIENCE FICTION Stories

Any single copy post paid to any UK address. Specify the issue. For more than one copy, ordered at the same time I will refund £2.50 postage for all but first copy.


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