Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser

Pocket Book 1949 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


It was explained to me that men’s paperbacks survive and women’s don’t because men by nature are hoarders. Men read a book and then save it, whilst women read a book then pass it on. It was worked out that men’s books were read about 1.7 times, women’s 5.6. Whatever “women’s” titles are rare which is why I found some of these authors difficult to track down. one of them, “The Man She Loved” lists no author, but I found one bookseller who attributed it to Jean Hope, I don’t know if this was correct or not.

Women’s Romance at £5.00 each

Please specify which book you require. P&P free in UK



Hope Jean ?The Man she LovedWoman’s Popular£5.00
King PhilippaHe Promised to Marry HerGlamour£5.00
Merle MargaretJealousy’s VictimRomantic Novels£5.00
Murray SheilaTo Keep His LoveLucky Star£5.00
Douglas MLove and LifeMy Pocket Library£5.00
Douglas M IThe Artist’s DreamMy Pocket Library£5.00
O’Brian DeirdreInsult to LoveFan Romances£5.00
Mannin EthelPilgrmsJarrolds£5.00
Mannin EthelWomen also DreamJarrolds£5.00
Spiers & ReedPotter’s ClayMellifont£5.00

Confession – The Shadow Between

Published by Gerald G Swan in 1947. 52 pages of very short stories, much in the vein of Swan very few of the authors are credited. The price includes UK P&P


Island of Dreams by Stanley Hall

Miracle Library (1955 ?) No.126 64 pages Price includes UK postage


Cameo Romances


Ainsworth PatriciaThe Flickering CandleCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Ainsworth PatriciaThe Candle RekindledCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Butler EthelNight of the Helm WindCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Culwen Dorothea deLoves masqueradeCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Dickinson MargaretBrackenbeckCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Foxall RaymondThe Devil’s SpawnCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Gibbs Mary AnnThe GuaerianCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Gibbs Mary AnnYoung Lady with Red HairCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Gibbs Mary AnnHoratiaCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Hay CatherineThe Singing WaterCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Hunter AlisonDark JusticeCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Ison DorothyThe Horn and the SwordCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Jose Ellen JThe PlayersCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Lang FrancesBlind Man’s BuffCameo Romances£2.50vg+
Ley Alice ChetwyndThe Master of LiversedgeCameo Romances£2.50vg+
Ley Alice ChetwyndLetters for a SpyCameo Romances£2.50vg+
Lindsay KathleenVirginiaCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Luellen ValentinaSlightly ScarletCameo Romances£1.00vg+
McDonald EvaDark EnchantmentCameo Romances£2.50vg+
Pollock IdaThe Uneasy AllianceCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Ponsonby DASo Bold a ChoiceCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Prole LozaniaPrince PhilandererCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Rundle AnneThe Moon MarriageCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Shoesmith Kathleen AJack O’LanternCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Snow LyndonMy Cousin LolaCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Speas Jan CoxBride of the MacHughCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Tattersall JillEnchanters CastleCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Thorpe SylviaThe Reluctant AdventuressCameo Romances£1.00vg+
Wilson ChristineA Deeper LoveCameo Romances£1.00vg+

29 Cameo Romances

29 different titles posted to any UK address


The Master of Liversedge by Alice Chetwynd Ley

I know I should, but I have not read this book, so I can pass no judgement on its historical or “local” content. £2.50 (a third of the Amazon price)

A classic, best-selling Regency romance! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

Man turns against master under the threat of revolution…

1812, West Riding, Yorkshire

Mary Lister, a young governess, accepts a position at Liversedge Mill. But she arrives in the middle of a violent uproar.

The Luddites – bands of desperate men put out of work by new machines and reduced to starvation – have conspired to smash up the Mill and terrorise its master, the proud and unyielding William Arkwright.

During the stormy weeks that follow her arrival, Mary is torn between her sympathy for the poor and downtrodden of the rebellion, with whom her gentle cousin John Booth has sided, and her unwilling admiration for the indomitable Master of Liversedge.

With whom will she eventually side? Her head or her heart?

THE MASTER OF LIVERSEDGE is a historical saga by Alice Chetwynd Ley: a traditional British, Regency romance novel with the backdrop of social revolution, set in 19th Century England.

Barbara Cartland

Just to prove that my stock is nothing if not eclectic, and never have read anything she has written I can’t comment on her writing, though I don’t think the featured book is typical of her output.

Cartland Barbara - The Many Faces of Love - Pan
Cartland Barbara A Rhapsody of Love Pan 0 1st 1977 vg £2.50
Cartland Barbara Love in the Moon NEL 0 1st 1981 anon vg £2.50
Cartland Barbara Never Laugh at Love Corgi 2nd 1981 vg+ £2.50
Cartland Barbara The Many Faces of Love Pan X 456 vg £2.

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