Have you noticed how many women feature on the covers when very few appeared in the stories in this period?


1Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) C M Kornbluth – Calvin M Knox – Algis Budrys – (Cover Jose Rubios )£10.00
2Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) Jerry Sohl – James Blish & Phil Barnhart – Robert Randall – (Cover Jose Rubios )£9.00
5Science Fiction Adventures1958(vg) Ivar Jorgenson – Edmund Hamilton – Calvin M Knox – (Cover Emsh )£7.50
6Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne Whiteford – Nelson Sherwood – Arthur Sellings – George Chailey ( Cover Bradshaw )£7.50
7Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) James White – Nelson Sherwood – Clive Jackson (Cover Lewis )£7.50
8Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Jay Williams – Philip Stratford – Cliford C Reed (Cover Lewic)£7.50
9Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne Whiteford – Cliford C Reed (Cover Lewis )£7.50
11Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Clifford C Reed – Robert Presslie – E R James (cover Lewis )£7.50
12Science Fiction Adventures1959(vg) Wynne N Whitford – Kenneth Bulmer – Robert Silverberg – Lin Wright (Cover Lewis )£7.50
13Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Clifford C Reed – James White – (cover Lewis )£7.50
14Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – E.C. Tubb – Clifford C Reed (cover Lewis )£7.50
15Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Lan Wright – Nelson Sherwood – Brian W Aldiss – Jim Harmon (cover Jarr )£7.50
16Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Brian W Aldiss – E C Tubb – Francis G Rayer – John Kippax (Cover Lewis )£7.50
17Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – Lan Wright – Alan Barclay (cover Jarr )£7.50
18Science Fiction Adventures1960(vg+) John Ashton – Kenneth Bulmer – E C Tubb – Robert Hoskins (cover Lewis )£7.50
19Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Nelson Sherwood – Francis G Reyer – Gordon R Dickson – Dale Hart (cover Lewis )£7.50
20Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Kenneth Bulmer – Robert Silverberg – Tevis Cogswell (cover Lewis)£7.50
21Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) William F Temple – John Ashcroft – (cover Lewis )£7.50
22Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Lan Wright – David Rome – W T Webb (cover Lewis )£7.50
23Science Fiction Adventures1961(vg+) Nelson Sherwood – John Kippax – Noel Baddow Pope – Bertram Chandler (cover Lewis )£7.50
24Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg+) J G Ballard – David Rome – Lee Harding – (Cover Lewis )£150.00
25Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg+) John Brunner – Philip E High – Michael Moorcock – Alan Burns – Steve Hall (cover Lewis )£7.50
26Science Fiction Adventures1962(vg) Nelson Sherwood – John Brunner – P F Woods – (cover Lewis )£7.50
31Science Fiction Adventures1963(vg+) Richard Graham – John Brunner – Claud & Rhoda Nunes – Peter Vaughan (cover Quinn )£7.50

The prices above include postage, if you have interest in any of the above please email me.

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