PROUD ECHO – Ronald McKie

In late February 1942 the Australian cruiser Perth and the USS Houston, both survivors from the defeat of the Allied fleet in the Battle of the Java Sea, encountered a Japanese invasion force, with a heav cruiser and destroyer escort, near the entrance to the Sunda Strait. Both cruisers were overwhelmed and sunk in the ensuing engagement. The full story of the Perth’s gallant last battle was told here by McKie for the first time. But it is more that a story of the loss of the ship, following the trials and tribulations of her survivors, many who died in Japanese POW camps. At war’s end only 229 of her complement of almost 700 returned to Australia.

A rare Panther edition cover illustrated by Cy Webb (Reginald Head of Hank Janson fame) This is a vg copy offered for £4.00

Away All Boats – Kenneth Dodson

This is the story of the intimate and heroic life of an attack transport ship, the USS Belinda. It tells of the ships and men that went in under naval bombardment, that landed the marines in battle, that took them wounded and dying of the blasted beached at Makin Island, Kwajalein, Saipan, and Lingayen Gulf. It is the Pacific War created in its entirety, from the shakedown cruise to the bitter engagements in the Marshalls and Marianas. It joins the classic ranks of ‘The Cruel Sea’ and ‘The Caine Mutiny’. It is a fascinating story of courage, and bravery, in the face of terrible odds.

The Panther edition is difficult to find this is nearly a vg copy at £5.00


I am still having difficulty with this new editor. I did want to list Sven Hassel and Leo Kessler and like authors but am having great difficulty cutting and pasting.


Kessler LeoCauldron of BloodFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoClawr of SteelFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoConvoy to CatastropheFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoDeath MatchFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoDeath RideFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoEagles in the SnowFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoGhost DivisionFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoHammer of the GodsFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoHellfireFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoHimmler’s GoldFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoOtto and the RedsFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoOtto and the YanksFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoSlaughter at SalernoFutura£1.00
Kessler LeoSS Panzer BattalionBAG 22£2.50
Kessler LeoSS Panzer BattalionFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoStuka Squadron – The Black KnightsCorgi£1.00
Kessler LeoThe Devil’s ShieldFutura£2.50
Kessler LeoValley of the AssassinsFutura£1.00


Hassel SvenBlitzfreezeCorgi£2.00
Hassel SvenCourt MartialCorgi£1.00
Hassel SvenLiquidate ParisCorgi£1.00
Hassel SvenSS GeneralCorgi£1.00
Hassel SvenThe Bloody Road to DeathCorgi£2.00
Hassel SvenThe CommissarCorgi£2.00
Hassel SvenThe Legeon of the DamnedPan£4.00

Badger Stock Check

If no price is shown it means that I should have a copy but can’t find it. It may have been sold (and I have not recorded the sale), or I may have misplaced it.

collage Badger 03
Liversedge Douglas White Horizon Badger Advent 1 vg £5.00
Vassiliev M Sputnik in Space Badger Science 1 1958 vg £10.00
Robertson Manning K The secret Enemy Badger SP 2 Fox vg £3.00
Jennings D K Emergency Call Badger RS 4 £2.50
Robertson Manning K Night Passage to Kano Badger SP 4 Fox vg £3.00
Von Braun & Ley Project Mars Badger SS 4 vg £10.00
Robertson Manning K Pattern for Survival Badger SP 5 Fox vg+ £3.00
Robertson Manning K Twelve Hours to Destiny Badger SP 6 Fox vg- £3.50
Barton JC The Corrupt Ones Badger CS 12 vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL Alian from the Stars Badger SF 15 anon vg
Fanthorpe RL Hyper Space Badger SF 17 anon vg- £5.00
Sherwood John R The Searching Light Badger RS 19 Fox f £2.00
Sherwood John R The Constant Image Badger RS 26 Fox vg £2.50
Adams Chuck Hired Gun Badger LW 27 Anon vg £7.50
Merak AJ Barrier Unknown Badger SF 30 anon vg- £6.00
Easton LP Target Rome Badger WW 31 vg £3.00
Adams Chuck The Texan Badger LW 32 anon vg- £5.00
Powers JL Black Abyss Badger SF 32 anon vg- £5.00
Jennings D K The Long Days Badger RS 33 vg £2.50
Muller John E Space Void Badger SF 34 anon vg- £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Out of the Darkness Badger SN 35 Fox vg- £15.00
Fanthorpe RL Face of Evil Badger SN 36 Barton? vg £5.00
Merak AJ Hydroshere Badger SF 36 Bril vg- £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Werewolf at Large Badger SN 37 vg- £3.00
Roberts Lional The In-World Badger SF 37 Anon vg+ £5.00
Roberts Lional The In-World Badger SF 37 Anon vg-
Fanthorpe RL Whirlwind of Death Badger SN 38 vg £5.00
Thorpe Trebor Lightning World Badger SF 38 Emsh vg+ £5.00
Brett Leo Exit Humanity Badger SF 40 Anon vg+ £5.00
Roberts Lionel The Last Valkyrie Badger SN 40 vg £4.00
Fane Bron Juggernaut Badger SF 41 Anon vg- £3.00
Muller John E The Unpossessed Badger SN 42 vg £7.50
Brett Leo The Microscopic Ones Badger SF 43 Anon vg+
Brett Leo Black Infinity Badger SN 44 vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL Hand of Doom Badger SF 44 Anon vg £5.00
Torro Pel World of Gods Badger SF 45 Anon vg- £3.50
Roberts Lionel Flame Goddess Badger SN 46 vg £7.50
Brett Leo Faceless Planet Badger SF 47 Anon vg- £4.00
Muus Flemming B The Spark and the Flame Badger WW 47 Fox vg £3.00
Adams Chuck Thunder at Abilene Badger BW 48 Fox vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Search the Dark Stars Badger SF 48 Anon vg £4.00
Adams Chuck Riverboat Revenge Badger LW 49 Dimmock vg+ £10.00
Fanthorpe RL Flame Mass Badger SF 49 Anon vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Centurion’s Revenge Badger SN 49 vg- £2.50
Fanthorpe RL The Grip of Fear Badger SN 51 vg+ £6.00
Muller John E Day of the Beasts Badger SF 51 Anon vg £10.00
Muller John E Day of the Beasts Badger SF 51 Anon vg
Roberts Lional The Synthetic Ones Badger SF 52 Anon vg £3.50
Fanthorpe RL Chariot of Apollo Badger SN 53 vg £5.00
Fane Bron Rodent Mutation Badger SF 55 Anon vg
Fane Bron Storm God’s Fury Badger SN 55 g £1.50
Adams Chuck Day of Violence Badger LW 57 Fox f £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Hell Has Wings Badger SN 57 vg+ £5.00
Muller John E The Uninvited Badger SF 57 Anon vg £5.00
Brett Leo Face in the Night Badger SN 58 vg £5.00
Muller John E The Mind Makers Badger SF 58 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Graveyard of the Damned Badger SN 59 vg £4.50
Wise Robert A 12 to the Moon Badger SF 59 Anon vg+ £8.00
Bradley Tex Thunderfire Badger LW 61 anon f £10.00
Fanthorpe RL The Darker Drink Badger SN 61 vg £5.00
Muller John E Alien Badger SF 61 Anon vg £5.00
Brett Leo The Immortals Badger SN 62 vg £4.50
Muller John E The Venus Venture Badger SF 62 Anon vg- £1.50
Adams Chuck Badlands Feud Badger LW 63 anon f £10.00
Fanthorpe RL Curse of the Totem Badger SN 65 vg £2.50
Muller John E Edge of Eternity Badger SF 65 Anon vg- £4.00
Muller John E Perilous Galaxy Badger SF 66 Anon vg £4.00
Torro Pel Legion of the Lost Badger SN 66 Fox vg+ £10.00
Brett Leo The Frozen Tomb Badger SN 67 anon vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Uranium 235 Badger SF 67 Anon vg £5.00
Muller John E Uranium 235 Badger SF 67 Anon vg-
Adams Chuck Who Rides with Vengeance Badger LW 68 Fox f £10.00
Brett Leo They Never Come Back Badger SN 68 vg £7.50
Muller John E The Man Who Conquered Time Badger SF 68 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Goddess of Night Badger SN 69 vg £5.00
Muller John E Orbit One Badger SF 69 Fox vg £4.00
Muller John E Micro Infinity Badger SF 70 Fox vg £5.00
Torro Pel The Strange Ones Badger SN 70 vg £7.50
Muller John E Beyond Time Badger SF 71 Fox vg £5.00
Brett Leo The Forbidden Badger SN 72 vg £5.00
Brett Leo From Realms Beyond Badger SN 74 vg £7.50
Muller John E The X-Machine Badger SF 74 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Night of the Big Fire Badger SF 75 Anon vg £4.00
Muller John E In the Beginning Badger SF 76 Anon vg+ £8.00
Torro Pel The Timeless Ones Badger SN 76 vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Space Fury Badger SF 77 Fox vg £8.00
Moss W Stanley Gold is Where You Hide It Badger WW 77 1st 1959 anon vg £3.00
Zeigfried Karl Walk Through To-morrow Badger SF 78 Fox vg- £3.50
Merak AJ Howl at the Moon Badger SN 79 vg £3.50
Zeigfried Karl Android Badger SF 79 Anon vg £6.00
Fane Bron Softly by Moonlight Badger SN 80 vg £7.50
Fane Bron The thing from Sheol Badger SN 81 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl Zero Minus X Badger SF 81 Anon vg £5.00
Zeigfreid Karl Escape to Infinity Badger SF 82 Fox f £6.00
Trent Olaf Roman Twilight Badger SN 83 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl Radar Alert Badger SF 83 Fox vg £5.00
Fane Bron Unknown Destiny Badger SN 84 vg £10.00
Zeigfried Karl World of Tomorrow Badger SF 84 Anon vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl World of Tomorrow Badger SF 84 Anon vg- £3.50
Fanthorpe RL Avenging Goddess Badger SN 85 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl The World that Never Was Badger SF 85 Anon vg £3.50
Drayton LS For Their Tomorrow Badger WW 86 Foster vg+ £4.00
Fane Bron The Intruders Badger SF 89 Fox f £6.00
Richler Anton Sky Command Badger WW 89 vg- £2.50
Fane Bron The Macabre Ones Badger SN 90 Fox vg+ £10.00
Torro Pel Through the Barrier Badger SF 91 Anon vg £5.00
Bell Thornton Chaos Badger SN 92 vg £10.00
Fane Bron Somewhere Out There Badger SF 92 Fox vg £7.50
Fane Bron The Walking Shadow Badger SN 93 vg £4.00
Torro Pel The Last Astronought Badger SF 93 Fox vg £4.00
Brett Leo The Alien Ones Badger SF 94 Fox vg £5.00
Martin LF Hell Command Badger WW 94 Fox vg £2.50
Muller John E The Exorcists Badger SN 94 vg £10.00
Brett Leo Power Sphere Badger SF 95 Fox vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL The Triple Man Badger SN 96 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Reactor SK9 Badger SF 96 Fox vg £5.00
Bell Thornton Space Trap Badger SF 98 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Spectre of Darkness Badger SN 98 Fox vg £10.00
Barton Erle The Planet Seekers Badger SF 99 Fox vg £3.00
Fane Bron Nemasis Badger SF 100 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Out of the Night Badger SN 100 vg £10.00
Raymond DJ Prelude to Glory Badger WW 100 vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL The Sealed Sarcophagus Badger SN 101 anon vg- £2.50
Torro Pel The Return Badger SF 101 Fox vg £4.00
Fane Bron Suspension Badger SF 102 Fox vg+ £7.50
Fanthorpe RL The Unconfined Badger SN 102 vg+ £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Stranger in the Shadow Badger SN 103 vg £5.00
Zeigfreid Karl Projection Infinity Badger SF 103 Anon vg £5.00
Barton Lee The Shadow Man Badger SN 104 vg £5.00
Muller John E Dark Continuum Badger SF 104 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Curse of the Khan Badger SN 105 Fox vg £5.00
Crawford John Dark Legion Badger SN 106 Fox vg £5.00
Fuller Robert L Passport for the Damned Badger WW 106 vg £2.50
Torro Pel Space No Barrier Badger SF 106 Anon vg £5.00
Conway Randall Body and Soul – Supernatural Stories 107 Badger SN 107 Fox vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl No Way Back Badger SF 107 Anon vg £8.00
Fanthorpe RL Neuron Word Badger SF 108 Anon vg £3.00
Johnson RK Desert Break-Through Badger WW 108 Rainey vg £2.50
Chatair Max The Thing in the Mist – Supernatural 109 Badger SN 109 Fox vg £5.00
Torro Pel Force 97X Badger SF 110 Fox vg £3.50
Martin Frank In Action this Day Badger WW 111 vg £2.50
Muller John E The Man From Behind Badger SF 111 Anon vg £5.00
Carson BR Storm Over Korea Badger WW 112 Gross vg £2.50
Muller John E Beyond the Void Badger SF 112 Anon vg £10.00
Zeigfried Karl Barrier 346 Badger SF 113 Anon vg £4.00
Fane Bron U.F.O. 517 Badger SF 115 Anon vg- £2.50
Muller John E Phenomena X Badger SF 116 Anon vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Survival Project Badger SF 117 Anon vg £4.00
Dexter John K The Patriots Badger WW 118 vg £3.00
Fanthorpe RL The Watching World Badger SF 118 vg £5.00
Roland John Dawn Decent Badger WW 119 £2.50
Richler Anton Prelude to the Storm Badger WW 122 vg
Richler Anton The Wondering Years Badger WW 123 Dimmock f £5.00
Baxter LD Testament to Fury Badger WW 129 vg £2.50
Bradley James L Sky Devils Badger WW 130 vg £3.00
Enfield RL Unseen Enemy Badger WW 136 vg+ £3.00
Bradley James L No Man Divided Badger WW 142 Dimmock vg £3.00
Jackson LK Operation Singapore Badger WW 144 Michel? vg £2.56
Johnson FK Escape Badger WW 145 Fox vg £3.00
Martin Frank For Such as We Badger WW 147 vg- £2.00
Fuller John Final Epitaph Badger WW 151 Fox vg £4.00
Andrews John C Such are the Valiant Badger WW 152 vg £2.50
Andrews John C Strike Silent Badger WW 159 vg £2.50
Partridge JD Objective Burma Badger WW 163 Fox vg £2.50

Anton Richler – James L Bradley – Frank Martin – Badger War

collage Badger Richler

Badger known specifically for the output of Lionel Fanthorpe also had other series. The cover art for which the SF books are famous for was also prevalent on the other genres.

Sky Devils by James L Bradley is about American Paratroopers involved in the liberation of Europe. vg £3.00

Another James L Bradley offering, No Man Divided is the story of the Defence of Hong Kong. vg £3.00

Frank Martin offers us a Love Story set as the British Army sweep across Europe For Such As We. g+ £2.00

Three offerings from Anton Richler give a different perspective, from the German point of view.

Prelude to the Storm is the story of the German occupation of Norway. vg £3.00

The story of the fighter pilots fighting against terrible odds in the last days of the war in Europe is Sky Command G+ £2.50

The Wandering Years, The other side of the war picture, the plight of thousands of refugees in Europe. Fine £5.00

WAR or Combat related paperbacks.


Some of the titles I have identified.
Baillie Peter Assault Patrol Digit UK D 241 g £1.00
Barker Ralph Strike Hard Strike Sure Pan X 382 2nd 1965 anon vg £2.50
Barker Ralph The Thousand Plan Pan M 205 1st vg £3.50
Barnett Correlli The Desert Generals Pan X 128 1st vg- £2.50
Baron Alexander From City From the Plough Pan 228 1st Mackinly vg £2.50
Bates H E The Cruise of the Breadwinner & Dear Life Corgi T 414 £2.50
Blake Walker E Heartbreak Ridge Monarch 247 1st 1962 anon f £10.00
Borghese J Valerio Sea Devils Arrow 405 1st 1956 anon vg £2.50
Braddon Russell The Naked Island Pan X 212 10th Tayler vg+ £2.50
Brennan Dan Third Time Down Ace US D 488 £3.00
Brian Peter Reach for Freedom Digit UK D 254 1st 1959 anon vg £3.00
Brickhill Paul The Dam Busters Pan X 207 14th Owen g £2.50
Burgess Alan Seven Men at Daybreak Pan X 135 1st vg £2.50
Busch Harold U-Boats at War Ballantine 120 4th 1957 vg- £2.50
Cooper Duff Operation Heartbreak Pan 265 1st anon vg £2.50
Elan & Leasor Conspiracy of Silence Pan X 143 1st g £1.00
Faramus Tony Hands of the Devil Digit 299 £25.00
Fehrenbach TR The Battle of Anzio Monarch 317 £2.00
Forester CS Lieutenant Hornblower Pan X 256 3rd vg £2.00
Frank Wolfgang The German Raider Atlantis Ballantine 184 1st 1956 vg £5.00
Fuchido & Okumiya Midway Arrow 614 1st anon vg £2.50
Fullerton Alexander Surface Pan 365 1st Brabbins vg £3.00
Fullerton Alexander The Waiting Game Pan X 316 1st vg £2.00
Gerrod David The Battle for the Planet of the Apes Bag 23 0 £2.50
Harris John The Sea Shall Not Have Them Arrow 473 1st 1957 Blandford f £4.00
Hartog Jan de The Key Corgi S 491 1st 1958 vg £5.00
Hillary Richard The Last Enemy Pan 397 1st Gorden vg £3.00
Howard Leigh Johnny’s Sister Corgi 185 £2.50
Jeffrey Betty White Coolies Panther 738 rep anon vg+ £5.00
Johnston J Patrol of the Dead Barker Dragon 8 vg £15.00
Kessel Joseph The Magic Touch Pan X 216 1st 1963 vg £2.50
Macdonnell J E Broadsides! Horwitz 0 vg+ £2.50
Macintyre Donald Narvik Pan X 121 1st vg £2.00
Marks Lee Japanese Bushido Digit UK D 351 1st 1960 anon vg £2.50
Mars Alexander Unbroken Pan 306 1st Walton vg- £2.50
McCormack Charles You’ll Die in Singapore Pan 414 1st Wilton vg+ £3.50
Melling Leonard Up the Blue Digit UK 0 1st vg £2.50
Middleton Drew The Sky Suspended Pan X 181 1st vg £2.50
Millor George Horned Pigeon Pan X 16 1st vg £2.50
Monks Noel Eye-Witness Digit UK D 232 1st Osborn vg £2.50
Moorhead Alan Gallipoli Arrow 526 1st 1959 anon vg £2.00
Moresby Peter Digger’s War Digit UK R 825 rep 1964 anon vg- £1.00
Mulvihill William Fire Mission Ballantine 189 1st 1957 vg £2.50
Nassauer Rudolf The Hooligan Consul N 1034 1st 1961 anon vg+ £3.00
Neave Airey They Have there Exits Pan 329 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Nolan Liam The Hills Hid us Well Digit UK R 498 1st Rainey vg £3.00
Owen Frank The Campaign in Burma Arrow H 446 1st 1957 anon vg £3.50
Owen Frank The Fall of Singapore Pan X 153 2nd 1967 anon vg+ £2.50
Pentakoff Vladamir Popski’s Private Army Pan X 10 1st vg- £5.00
Phillips CE Lucas Cockleshell Heros Pan X 458 2nd vg £1.50
Phillips CEL The greatest Raid of All Pan M 208 2nd vg £2.50
Pinto Oreste Spycatcher Panther 501 1st 1955 vg £5.00
Pond Hugh Salerno Pan M 45 1st 1964 vg £2.50
Reynolds Quentin Minister of Death Pan X 185 1st 1963 Peff vg- £3.00
Reynolds Quentin They Fought for the Sky Pan X 61 1st vg £2.50
Roland John Dawn Decent Badger WW 119 £2.50
Romains Jules Verdun The Battle Consul 0 £2.50
Romilly The Privaledged Nightmare Pan GP 46 1st Wilton vg £4.00
Rowland Donald S Both Feet in Hell Digit UK R 482 1st Archer vg £2.50
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin Sexton Blake 395 1st 1957 vg £10.00
Schroter Heinz Stalingrad Pan X 58 1st vg+ £4.00
Shaw Irwin The Young Lions Pan X 11 1st vg £3.00
Slaughter Frank G Sword and Scapel Arrow 600 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Smith Frederick E 633 Squadron Arrow 492 1st 1958 vg- £2.00
Spence Duncan Dark Hell Digit UK D 256 1st anon vg £2.50
Stokoe WM Anzio Digit UK D 150 1st Osborne vg- £5.00
Thorwald Juergen Flight in the Winter Arrow 490 1st Morgan vg £2.50
Trevor Elston The Big Pick Up Pan 379 2nd vg £2.50
Urquhart Macgregor Desert Group Digit UK D 161 1st Osborne g+ £1.00
Urquhart Macgregor Foxhole Digit UK D 168 1st Osborn vg- £2.50
Ustinov Peter The Loser Pan X 301 1st 1964 vg £3.00
Vaughan-Thomas Wynford Anzio Pan M 40 1st 1963 anon vg £3.00
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 1st Woodman vg- £2.50
Walters Anne-Marie Moondrop to Gascony Pan 165 2nd Wilton vg £1.50
Wate Steve Ring of Hell Digit UK D 359 1st 1960 ? vg+ £4.00
Wilson James Interrupted Journey Arrow 724 1st 1963 Hall f £3.50
Young Desmond Rommel Fontana 48 1st 1955 vg £2.50

collage War 2

collage War 1

Fitzroy Maclean – Eastern Approaches

Maclean Fitzroy - Eastern Approaches - Pan 182

Over the past few years I have read less and less non-fiction, but on cataloguing my Pans I read the blurb on the back of this book and got hooked. Once I started reading, I became more hooked. The travels in the “forbidden” east of the Soviet Union in 1938, the trial of Nikolai Bukharin (Fitzroy was at the trials) and the analysis of why the accused pleaded guilty, all filled in my knowledge of Stalin’s Russia.

Then his exploits with the SAS which served as a prelude to his adventures in Yugoslavia with Tito. This fascinating account of the birth of a nation and explanation of the tensions that Tito supressed help to explain to some degree the chaos and genocide that followed Tito’s death.

The fact that this is a history lesson delivered through the very well written personal account of a man who became an MP so he could join the Army makes a fascinating read.

Barker Dragon – Stock Take

Not a publisher that lasted a long time, but they did publish some authors  other publishes didn’t. What they did though is spend time choosing some great covers. Unusually I have included a large number in this blog. I did choose one of their covers for my title page.

Spillane Mickey - One Lonely Night - Barker Dragon 174
Anderson Oliver Grit and Polish Barker Dragon 1 vg £15.00
Anderson Oliver Painless Extractions Barker Dragon 13 vg £4.00
Bull RC ed. Perturbed Spirits Barker Dragon 20 vg £5.00
Burton Richard Tales From the Thousand and One Nights Barker Dragon 2 1st 1956 anon vg £3.00
Chegaray Jacques Going My way round the World Barker Dragon 14 1st 1957 anon vg £2.50
Dodge David How Lost was my Weekend Barker Dragon 12 vg £5.00
Downing Rupert If I Laugh Barker Dragon 33 vg £10.00
Goodwin RB HongKong Escape Barker Dragon 2 vg £3.00
Green John The First Enemy Barker Dragon 21 vg £4.00
Halliday Brett Murder is My Business Barker Dragon 10 vg- £4.00
Halliday Brett When Dorinda Dances Barker Dragon 16 vg £4.00
Hartley L P The Travelling Grave and other stories Barker Dragon 40 vg £15.00
Johnston J Patrol of the Dead Barker Dragon 8 vg £15.00
Langley Noel The Cabbage Patch Barker Dragon 4 vg £3.00
Mankowitz Wolf My Old Man’s a Dustman Barker Dragon 23 vg £4.00
Quentin Patrick Puzzle for Wantons Barker Dragon 34 vg £10.00
Sandstrom Flora The Dancing Giant Barker Dragon 5 vg £10.00
Spillane Micey One Lonely Night Barker Dragon 6 vg £4.00
Spillane Mickey The Big Kill Barker Dragon 18 vg £5.00
Spillane Mickey The Long Wait Barker Dragon 29 vg £5.00
Spillane Mickey Kiss Me, Deadly Barker Dragon 42 vg £5.00
Various The Girls from Esquire Barker Dragon 11 vg £5.00

Even the less than inspiring subjects have great illustrators.

ARROW – Paperbacks Stock Check

I thought I had a few more titles but the stock check revealed some gaps, they may have been misfiled, but it is more likely that I have sold them and forgotten to update my records.

Arrow like other paperback publishers at the time had an eclectic spread of authors and subjects. It picking out covers to illustrate their range I seem to have missed the most prominent and prolific author they featured, Dennis Wheatley.

Arrow Stock Check (1)

I always like to compare how illustrations change over time, sometimes influenced by a film or to justify a price increase (note the 20% increase in these two editions.

The range covers a non fiction account of miniature submarines, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, part of John Creasey’s prodigious output and an illustration of how language changes over time, though it is difficult to think what Ann Hepple’s  book title could be meant to mean today.

Auther  Title Publisher Letter Number Edition Date Cover Condition Price
Asquith Cynthia When Churchyards Yawn Arrow 679 vg £2.00
Ballard Todhunter West of Quarantine Arrow 501 1st Hank f £2.50
Bentley Phyllis Ring in the New Arrow 453 1st 1971 photo vg £2.50
Berge Victor Danger is my Life Arrow 461 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Borghese J Valerio Sea Devils Arrow 405 1st 1956 anon vg £2.50
Braddon Russell Those in Peril Arrow H 415 f £3.50
Braddon Russell Gabriel Comes to 24 Arrow 631 1st 1962 anon vg £2.00
Breihan Carl W Outlaws of the Old West Arrow 589 1st vg- £2.00
Bridges Yseult Saint with Red Hands Arrow 491 1st Vernon f £3.50
Brinton Henry Two to Slay Arrow 540 1st f £4.00
Broad Lewis The Truth About Oscar Wilde Arrow 470 1st 1957 anon g £1.00
Brookes Ewart To Enless Night Arrow J 408 vg+ £3.00
Brookes Ewart Nor on What Seas Arrow 510 1st 1958 Flint? f £4.00
Burns Robert E I am a Fugative from a Chain Gang Arrow 783 1st 1964 anon vg+ £2.00
Clark Leonard The River Ran East Arrow H 425 Tansley vg £2.00
Creasey John The House of the Bears Arrow 676 1st 1962 anon f £3.00
Creasey John The League of Light Arrow 717 1st vg- £2.50
Creasey John Palfrey v Shadow of Doom Arrow 734 1st Hall vg £3.00
Creasey John The Peril Ahead Arrow 780 1st anon vg £2.50
Creasey John The League of Dark Men Arrow 793 1st anon f £3.00
Creasey John The Death Miser Arrow 794 1st anon vg+ £3.00
Creasey John The Hounds of Vengeance Arrow 938 1st 1967 anon f £4.00
Creasey John The Mark of the Crescent Arrow 989 1st anon vg £2.50
Deal Borden Dragon’s Wine Arrow 756 1st Hall vg+ £3.00
Downes Terry My Bleeding Business Arrow 860 1st 1966 photo vg- £2.00
Fienburgh Wilfred No Love for Johnnie Arrow 606 1st 1960 Dion f £3.00
Fuchido & Okumiya Midway Arrow 614 1st anon vg £2.50
Gee Maurice The Big Season Arrow 755 1st 1964 anon vg £2.50
Grubb Davis One Foot in the Grave Arrow 925 1st 1966 anon vg £3.00
Harris John The Sea Shall Not Have Them Arrow 473 1st 1957 Blandford f £4.00
Harris John The Sleeping Mountain Arrow 935 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Harrison Richard Whitehall 1212 Arrow 497 1st 1958 Window vg £2.00
Hass Hans Under the Red Sea Arrow 406 anon vg £2.50
Hepple Anne The North Wind Blows Arrow 708 1st 1963 Connell? vg £2.50
Hepple Anne Gay Go Up Arrow 833 1st vg £1.50
Hocking Anne Poisoned Chalice Arrow 682 1st 1962 anon vg £2.50
Hossent Harry Run for your Death Arrow 883 1st Photo vg- £2.50
Jacob Naomi The Morning will Come Arrow 686 1st 1962 f £3.00
Jacob Naomi Private Gollantz Arrow 790 1st RH vg- £2.00
King William The Stick and the Stars Arrow 611 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Lee Edna The Web of Days Arrow HB 349 anon vg £2.50
MacArthur Wilson Simba Bwana Arrow 507 1st 1958 anon vg £2.50
Maupassant Guy De Mademoiselle Fifi Arrow 913 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Moorcock Michael The Rituals of Infinity Arrow 488 1st 1971 vg £2.50
Moorhead Alan Gallipoli Arrow 526 1st 1959 anon vg £2.00
Muskett Netta Middle Mist Arrow 566 2nd vg £2.00
Muskett Netta Scarlet Heels Arrow 879 1st anon vg £2.50
Muskett netta Flowers From The Rock Arrow 897 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Myers John Myer Dead Warrior Arrow 475 1st 1957 anon vg £2.50
Neill Robert Mist over Pendle Arrow 376 2nd 1962 Roger Hu?? f £2.50
Nordyke Lewis Wes Hardin Texas Gunman Arrow 555 1st 1960 o’connel vg £3.50
Orczy Baroness The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel Arrow 972 vg £2.00
Owen Frank The Campaign in Burma Arrow H 446 1st 1957 anon vg £3.50
Prendergast William Z Car Detective Arrow 856 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Procter Maurice The Chief Inspector’s statement Arrow H 367 1st Kenyon vg £3.00
Procter Maurice Hell is a City Arrow 453 1st vg £4.00
Ruark Robert C Horn of the Hunter Arrow 479 1st anon vg £2.50
Ruesch Hans The Racer Arrow 467 £3.00
Sapper Bull-Dog Drummond Arrow 616 1st 1961 vg £3.00
Sapper The Black Gang Arrow 617 1st 1963 Stowe vg+ £5.00
Seaton George John Isle of the Damned Arrow 400 2nd Berry vg £2.00
Simenon Maigret and the Young Girl Arrow 12 1st 1958 vg £2.50
Simenon Maigret’s Little Joke Arrow 571 rep vg- £1.50
Slaughter Frank G Spencer Brade Arrow 538 1st 1959 Hall f £3.50
Slaughter Frank G Sword and Scapel Arrow 600 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Slaughter Frank G Lorena Arrow 645 1st anon vg £2.00
Slaughter Frank G Epidemic Arrow 685 1st anon vg+ £2.50
Slaughter Frank G Darien Venture Arrow 711 1st anon vg- £1.50
Slaughter Frank G The Golden Ones Arrow 722 1st 1963 anon vg £3.00
Smith Frederick E 633 Squadron Arrow 492 1st 1958 vg- £2.00
Spain Nancy Thank You Nelson Arrow H 420 1st Sax vg+ £2.50
Stoker Bram Dracula Arrow 272 10th 1971 photo vg £2.50
Stoker Bram Dracula Arrow 370 rep 1960 anon vg £5.00
Stoker Bram The Lair of the White Worm Arrow 585 1st Stowe vg- £2.50
Stoker Bram The Lady of the Shroud Arrow 644 1st 1962 vg £4.00
Stoker Bram Dracula’s Guest Arrow 916 vg £2.50
Swinson Arthur Sergeant Cork’s Casebook Arrow 836 1st 1965 photo vg £2.50
Tack Alfred PA to Murder Arrow 988 1st 1967 photo vg £2.50
Taine John G.O.G.666 Arrow 705 1st Sheldon vg+ £3.00
Thomson (ed) More Not at Night Arrow 608 2nd 1963 anon vg £2.00
Thomson C C ed Still Not at Night Arrow 671 1st 1962 anon vg- £2.00
Thorndike Russell Docter Syn Returns Arrow 541 2nd 1963 anon vg £3.00
Thorndike Russell The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn Arrow 742 r anon vg £2.00
Thorwald Juergen Flight in the Winter Arrow 490 1st Morgan vg £2.50
Vaculik Serge Air Commando Arrow 401 vg £2.50
Various Not at Night Arrow 586 1st anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar Big Foot Arrow 407 2nd 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Missing Million Arrow JL 418 rep anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar On the Spot Arrow 464 3rd anon vg £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Avenger Arrow 477 3rd 1962 anon vg+ £3.00
Wallace Edgar When the Gangs Came to London Arrow 481 3rd anon vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar The Missing Million Arrow 570 1st K. vg £3.00
Wallace Edgar The Face in the Night Arrow 593 1st 1961 O’Connell vg £2.50
Wallace Edgar The Mixer Arrow 642 1st 1966 photo vg- £2.00
Wallace Edgar The Twister Arrow 643 1st 1966 anon vg £2.50
Water Silas The Man With absolute Motion Arrow 795 1st vg- £1.50
Wheatey Dennis Star of Ill-Omen Arrow 378 2nd 1962 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Forbidden Territory Arrow 282 rep 1964 Heldon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Fabulous Valley Arrow 284 rep 1958 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Fabulous Valley Arrow 284 4th 1959 anon f £2.50
Wheatley Dennis They Found Atlantis Arrow 335 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Secret War Arrow H 336 vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Sword of Fate Arrow 363 2nd 1958 Sax vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis To the Devil a Daughter Arrow 412 rep 1963 Peff vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Man Who Missed the War Arrow 534 2nd 1961 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Haunting of Toby Jugg Arrow 543 2nd 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis V for Vengeance Arrow 550 1st 1960 Steward vg+ £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Black Baroness Arrow 558 1st anon vg £3.50
Wheatley Dennis Sixty Days to Live Arrow 559 1st 1960 anon vg £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Come Into My Parlour Arrow 578 2nd 1965 anon f £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Come into My Parlour Arrow 578 1st 1960 anon vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Uncharted Seas Arrow 580 1st 1960 Boldero vg+ £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Three Inquisative People Arrow 581 1st 1960 anon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis Contraband Arrow 582 2nd 1966 anon vg+ £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Contraband Arrow 582 1st 1960 anon vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis The Prisoner in the Mask Arrow 603 1st 1964 vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Codeword Golden Fleece Arrow 622 1st 1961 anon vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Rising Storm Arrow 627 1st 1961 anon vg- £2.00
Wheatley Dennis Such Power id Dangerous Arrow 628 1st 1962 Tayler vg £2.50
Wheatley Dennis The Golden Spaniard Arrow 629 1st 1962 anon f £4.00
Wheatley Dennis The Satanist Arrow 653 4th 1964 anon vg+ £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Old Rawley Arrow 680 1st 1962 anon vg £3.00
Wheatley Dennis Gunmen Gallants & Ghosts Arrow 691 3rd 1966 anon vg £2.00
Wilson James Interrupted Journey Arrow 724 1st 1963 Hall f £3.50
Winn Godfrey ‘PQ’ 17 A Story of a Ship Arrow 430 2nd 1963 anon vg+ £3.00

Tail Gunner – F/Lt. R C Rivaz D.F.C.

Tail Gunner - Rivaz 016

This book tells chiefly of the author’s change over from an air gunner to a pilot in the Second World War. The book takes up his career from the time when he leaves his operational squadron and becomes a gunnery instructor. He meets and talks with operational types and the reader can feel his sense of frustration as he takes a back seat away from a squadron. The author then gets the chance he has always wanted to be a pilot. He tells of his impressions during the early stages of his training in England and later during the more advanced progress in Canada. He tells of the hopes and ambitions of a pilot under training; of his early difficulties; of the lighter side of his and other pupils’ experiences; of the thrills of low flying, night and formation flying.

Undated hard back published by Jarrold’s to War Economy Standard. £7.50.

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